Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nothing Really Going On

Wow nothing really going on in our lives to "blog" about. Here is a more recent pictures....Richards hair is really starting to look fluffy! I love it but it's starting to get on his nerves so I am waiting for the day he comes back from the store and all of his fluffy hair is gone! Toby's becomming quite the talker! He loves to grab my hair whenever he can and currently is testing us at night and tries to wake up for a bottle several times so we are having a few sleepless nights......needless to say pepsi is my friend! We recently got a roommate a good friend of Richard and mine named Stryder. So far I'm loving it! I am currently watching a little boy during the summer while his mom works, he's 8 years old and him and Avery have a blast together. I turned 28 on Saturday along with my cousin Jill and Aunt DeAnn and Grandpa Bill! Hope everyone had a great birthday! Anywho that's all for now! Enjoy the pictures!

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