Saturday, October 24, 2009

Random Saturday Photo

This is Avery & his cousins (on Richards side) playing by the pool of fish that people were trying to catch for the 4th of July (2008) I love the boys in the picture! They had a blast that day! I sure do love my kiddos! Even if they drive me insane at times, I still sure do love them!


This is my long time friend Brandi & her newborn Reagan. She had her about a month ago. I just LOVED holding her! Ahhhh soon I will be holding my own wee one! I can't WAIT! Brandi & I have been friends for several years, I love this girl! I just wanted to show them off cause I love them So MUCH!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Words I Wish I Could Live By

One day a fisherman got up very early in the morning.There was not enough sunlight to get into the sea.He saw a pack of stones to pass time.He started throwing the stone into the sea.While having the last stone in the hand,the sun came up then he saw that the stone was a diamond.He felt for his misfortune of throwing all of them into the sea...

Moral of the story: Below


Do not get up early in the morning...
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