Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dear So & So.....

Isn't He The Cutest Kid EVER?

I totally stole this idea from an awesome co worker, I liked it so much that I though I would try it out!

Dear Molly (My Brown Dog)

You have this new found hobbie that I flat out HATE, jumping over fences and bothering the neighbors is quite annoying, you only gained this newly annoying hobbie once you went into heat, and now you won't stop to the point we have to tie you up and I hate this! I hate making you stay on a chain when you can just roam around the yard but no you have to be a turd and somehow I'm looked at as the bad person? Interesting......

Your Loving owner


Dear County Of Orange County, California

I was really born in Orange County California, I Promise! I need my Birth Certificate ASAP due to the fact that I am going on a family cruise for in less than 2 weeks from now! I put my request in almost a month ago and I was told I would be my BC within 3-5 business days and I just NOW got a letter from you stating I was never born in Orange County? Seriously!?!? You are making me very very VERY unhappy, I just wanna spend some quality time with my family on a relaxing warm Christmas cruise, is that really all that bad!? Please work with me here!

One Stressed Out Orange


Dear "Roomie"

Do you really honestly think we can't hear you? It's pretty gross and we are sick of it. Start acting like an adult and quit lying to us, if you think we are stupid guess what? Were not! Your on and off again GF and her LOVELY child practically live here too and of course rent free but do you clean up after yourself? NOPE and you leave your garbage in large piles until Richard or I take it out (cause I just love the smell of lovely childs old diapers sitting there) And if you think you are going to continue to live here rent free think again, you claim you will have the money for us by the end of the month and I sure hope you do because if you don't, your happy ass can move back up to your Mama.

Sick of the lying


Dear People Of Utah

Guess what? We live in UTAH, not Flordia or California or Hawaii so you will PLEASE quit acting really suprised that it's cold outside or that it looks like its going to snow or that is is snowing in LARGE amounts? Sorry folks we live in a cold state during the winter time, if you don't like it then MOVE!!!!!!!! If not buy a jacket and some gloves and deal with it!!!!!

Learned To Deal With The Snow AGES Ago


Dear Furture Son

I am sorry I called you my daughter for the first 19 weeks of your life, I was positive you were going to be a girl! Don't get me wrong I will be very excited to finally meet you in 18 some odd weeks, and I am very sorry I don't have a name picked out for you yet (Aubree is just not a good boy's name) but I promise I will have a name picked out for you soon enough, you just stay in your current home until I give you permission to come out and play that sound good to you? Also if you could start kicking more so that your daddy could feel it that would be quite awesome I feel bad that I am the only one that gets to feel your kicks!

Love You Mamma


Dear Brother Ben

I love you dearly but sometimes you frustrate me, I understand that you are busy but it doesn't seem like you make much time for your nephews, my oldest ADORES you more than you will ever realize. He truly misses you and talks about you often, you are moving away here in the next few months and we will see you even less, I hope you will take some time and spend it with your nephews so that they will have some good memories of you.

Your Older Sister


Dear Cliffdiver & Daughter

What, and I mean WHAT happened to Hammie?!?! He just disappeared and I know he didn't get out of his cage because that would mean you 2 hamsters would have went with him!? And I know Avery or Toby didn't take you what did you do with our old little Hammie? We miss him lots and makes me wonder what you did with Alexis as well!?!?! FYI We do feed you Daily!? If you could let us know that would be wonderful!

Worried & A Little Scared Of You 2


Dear Richard

Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and father! You totally stepped up to being a father to a child that wasn't yours who's real father decided to run away 3 years ago and gave up on being his dad. You even decided to be his offical dad now and I can't ever thank you enough for that. You frustrate me with your WOW at times but overall thank you for putting up with me and my lovely preggo issues and letting me take naps whenever I want and letting me sleep in! Love you with all my heart

Your Loving Wife

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Eeek! Shots!

Last week was my first week of my Progesterone injection. While at the doctor's office the nurse taught Richard how to give me the shot so I didn't have to go in the doctor's office every week. There is very little information about these shots other than they help with pre term labor, and since both of the boys were NICU babies born in their 35 week I am willing to try something that will help prevent this baby from being a NICU baby as well. My goal is to make it to 38 weeks my doctor's goal is 37. I have read some side effects of the shots but none of them were life threatening to me or the baby mainly headaches or dizziness. I have been dealing headaches but this past week they have been getting worse, to the point where I can't even be out of bed for more than 5 minutes without the top of my head throbbing. I have been on 2 different type of headache meds the doctors office has given me but it seems like in order for them to work I have to take 4 pills (normally you should only have to take 1) and then it makes me feel like I took a sleeping pill which normally wouldn't be to bad except I work and I can't sleep on the job! I am going to go see my doctor on Tuesday to see what other options we have because I have been getting the headaches on average 4-5 times a week lately. Sigh...any ideas as to what I can do to get rid of these nasty things? This is a picture taken today 20 weeks, a little more than half way done...woohoo!

First Hair Cut!


Toby got his first EVER hair cut! He looks so grown up! I realized this weekend that soon I won't be able to call him my baby anymore! Here are some before and after pictures. A week from today he will be 2! I will be getting his pictures taken that day as well, then having a birthday party later that night with some family, should be fun!


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