Friday, September 25, 2009

Random Friday Photo

This is what I am going to look like in Approx 5 months!? EEeekkk! I Was Freaking HUGE! I had to use the bathroom like every 5 minutes and couldn't move around all that well, hummm I wonder why? This was taken Tuesday night 8 hours later I went into labor but I didn't have Toby until Thursday evening, but I got to spend all Wednesday and Thusday in the hospital. I know I am pregnant but I am not quite 10 weeks so it really hasn't hit me yet mainly because I have not had to change into fat clothes yet. I have my next dr apt on October 7, from my last dr apt I quickly realized Avery is a wonderful companion but Toby however, not so much! He got bored REALLY quick and there was not enough candy in the world to make that kid happy. So from now on the kids can just stay home with Daddy, and if I need Daddy there then kids and go spend time with Grandma or Grandpa! I am excited with my new doctor because everytime I go see him I get an ultra sound pictures of the baby! The first picture I got Peanut really did look like a peanut! I am hoping next time Peanut will look a little more like a baby! I will keep you posted!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mmmmm Pancakes!

One of my MOST favorite gifts from the wedding was a flat griddle, that I got from my mom's work (she works for Applegate, they do hospice and home health) I thought it was really sweet of them to give me a gift! Which REMINDS me I need to finish my Thank You Cards, Ugh! Oops...Anyways I got this awesome gift for the wedding and I am in total LOVE with it! We had breakfast dinner the other night and the kids loved it! I made them chocolate chip pancakes. I got alot of fun gifts like a cute new set of plates (seen in pictures) and some AWESOME photo frames and money just to name a few but I love this (almost) the most! Pancakes anyone? Or even better French Toast! Can't wait till Saturday to whip it out again! What will I make next?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday, I won't reveal his "real" age we will just say he's over the age of 25, by a few years! We went up to my Dad's house last Saturday for a Hot Dog BBQ. We had a fun time, the boys had a blast like always. Avery enjoyed spending time with his favorite Uncle Ben and Toby enjoyed eating the dirt. Here are a few pictures of the fun adventure, take note to Toby and his dirt covered face! Happy Brithday Dad! Love You!

Ben Franklin Craziness!

So I ended up not going to work today due to the fact I had a sick child, I was semi OK with this because it allowed me to spend the day with my boys, and I was feeling good this morning so it also allowed me to get ALOT of things done around the house before my sleepiness kicked in. As I was cleaning up around the living room I looked out our front window and it seemed like there were ALOT of cars parking up and down our street, at first I thought oh well maybe there is a Parade but then I realized ummm No it's not that, then I thought maybe a Funeral? No we weren't THAT close to a church (yes it's hard to believe that we are not within spitting distance from a church living in Utah) So I went outside and saw my neighbor talking with someone right infront of my driveway so I went out to figure out what is was all about. And guess what it was? A craft store Ben Franklin which is located at the end of my street was closing it's doors! My neighbor informed me that on the other side (1900 West) was covered with cars as well. Are you kidding me!?!? There were cars EVERYWHERE! I can only imagine it was a zoo inside and there was NO way I was going to even pretend to go and look what awesome deals they had. I took some pictures of the cars on my street, I still can't believe how many people were there at 10AM in the morning, guess there are ALOT more crafty people than I realized!
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