Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sad Day.....

This is Hilary & her daughter Adrina Lynn. I've Known Hilary for a long time she's close friends with Kelsey Larsen and I've know them since they were both in the 2nd grade and they will be 21 in the early fall. I had not seen Hilary for sometime but heard updates from Kelsey on how she was doing etc, etc... Anywho back in April Kelsey invited me to go to Hilary's baby shower and I went good to see them catch up and excited for Hilary because she was having a girl! (Yes I am totally baby hungry) She had her baby at Ogden Regional (where Kelsey works in Labor & Delivery) she was born on April 25 and cute as a button, Sadly I didn't get to go see her before I went to California and the new little family went back down to where they normally live (about 4 hours from my house) and figured I would catch her another time she was in town (her parents live in Ogden). I met up with Kelsey the other night and she asked me if I heard about Hilary (because Hilary is on my myspace now) and I replied that I had not, Kelsey looked at me and was like you didn't!?! Ohhhhhhh no, Hilary's baby Died! I was in total shock, I'm not sure what happened and neither does Kelsey other than its possibly SIDS. She died on May 17th and the funeral was on May 20th. My heart just breaks for Hilary, no one should ever have to go through this and I can't take the pain away but I wish there was something I could do to help. It scares me because you never know it could happen to me, but I can't worry about it cause then it will worry me to death. Here are some cute pictures of Baby & Mama. RIP Adrina Lynn April 25 2009-May 17th 2009

Tell Me What You Think......

With the wedding coming up I've been doing alot of online research. Thanks to my co-worker and friend Kaci I found the website to have my wedding invites done at, she had her invites done same place and they had alot of cute ones to choose from for a really good price! We have the main part of the center piece but it's missing something around the edges, so I was thinking about making copies of pictures of us on one side (of the table) have a picture of us (see above examples) and then on the other side have either a picture of my bridals or of our engagement pictures, and then people can take home whatever picture they would like at the end of the night. I really like the idea and Richard tells me sure I like that idea with pretty much everything I present him with! (Men) Sooooooo I would like to hear from you all! The very top picture is my center piece, it will look different but you get the basic idea, if you could let me know what you think that would be AWESOME!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

86 Days....And Yes I Am Counting!

August 22nd will be here before I know it! 86 days from today infact! I went shopping this week with my mom to get some random wedding ideas I am really starting to get excited! I am doing the lovely diet to get rid of the final 15-20 pounds! Richard and I will get our engagement pictures taken the end of June then my Bridals done sometime in July and sending out Wedding invites sometime in July as well. I'm not sure where we are going to get our engagement pictures taken, so if anyone knows of a good place let me know! I am going to have my Bridals done at my Mom's house, because its just so pretty there! I would do my engagements there but I want them different from my bridals. Anywho if anyone has some random thoughts ideas or helpful hints about anything for the wedding and or final 15-20 pounds let me know that would be awesome! Here are some pictures from my mom's house where I will get the bridals done, you will see why I am having them done there! Enjoy!


This is Molly!!! She has gotten SOOO Big!!! We have had her since Mid Feb ish. (Richards Valentines Day Gift) She's such a PUPPY! Gets into EVERYTHING and then destroys it! But I love her regardless! Here are some updated pictures of her!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Getting My Kids Back & Duckies!

I get my kids back on June a week from Friday!!! I'm getting so excited! I have missed them so much! I will hopefully have the following Mon-Wed off to spend it with them. I plan on taking them to the park over by my work and letting them feed the ducks, there are ALOT of ducks here are a few pictures of the ducks when Richard and I went last week. The first one yes I know isn't a duck it's a goose but he is still cool looking! The second one we call the Cow Duck, cause it has spots of black and white like a cow! So cow duck he is! So until I get my kiddies back these are all the pictures I have!

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