Friday, September 4, 2009

We Are Happy To Say That We Are.........

Yes Sorry Melanie I Totally Stole Your Picture! Hope you Don't Mind To Much! Currently "It's" Name is Peanut And We Are Just Over 6 Weeks ATM, Putting My Due Date At April 27th 2010...Just As Tax Season Ends! I'm Keeping My Fingers Crossed For A Girl! I Go See My Fancy Baby Doctor On Tuesday, I Can't Wait!

Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day Of School

I can't believe my baby boy is starting school! Before I know it Toby will be here too! He said when I went to pick him up he had a great first day, they did lots of fun things and had a grilled cheese sandwhich and apples and a cookie for lunch, It was the best he said! I'm so glad he likes going to school, I'm sure it won't be this exciting forever but I'm glad it's good while it lasts! As you can see in the pictures he still totally in love with the Transformers! My boy is growing up, part of me doesn't want him to and part of me can't wait to see each new adventure we will go on! Love ya Avery!

Nate & Sarah 8-29-2009

Nate Aka Elway and Sarah got married on Saturday, a week after Richard & I got married. It was fun going to the wedding and seeing everything that went on before the beautiful bride came out. Nate and I have been friends for many years, His daugher Taydin and Avery are the best of friends, I lived with Nate for about 6 months (as roommates right as I met Richard) so Avery & Taydin were roomates for a while as well! Here are some pictures of the cute couple!

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