Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Puppy!

So Richard has been wanting a Puppy for a long time, brings it up to me ALOT that he wants a puppy what kind etc etc. He said that he wanted a Lab and my friend Kristi & Evan have 2 black labs so I thought I would give her a call about where she gets her labs from and long story short her Mom's co worker has a Chocolate lab that needed a home badly because they couldn't keep her. So I said YES!!! I wasn't thinking about getting one now but I couldn't turn one down...espically since I got her for free!!! I went down to SLC last night and picked up Richards early Valentines day gift! Her name is Molly she's a Chocolate Lab and is about 6-8 weeks old! We LOVE her already!!!

Broken Phone!!!

Soooo we were at my Grandpa's house for his & my cousins birthdays for a party. My Step Mom wanted to hold Toby and he was being a tad cranky so I handed him my phone to make him big deal right? WRONG! Not sure what he did to it but it keeps cycling over and over saying I need to Sync it to my computer, no biggie I will just do that when I get home, annoyed that I couldn't use my phone but figured once I was home everything would be back to I thought! We brought it home and hooked it up to my computer like it kept asking and well it went down from hill from there! Phone is totaly freaking out to the point I did a hard reset 3 times and still does the same thing...I took it in the AT&T store and they said I had to mail it in, thankfully I was able to get a cheap nokia for like 30 bucks till I get the new one which will take a few days to get. Note to self....NEVER let the baby touch your phone!!!!!!!
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