Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thinking Of You..........

Man Is A Miracle Of His Own Making-Sean Johnsen

This is Sean Jonhsen. He and I go way back...I've known him since 2000 (Ish) we met through work, when I worked at Radio Shack he worked at another store down in SLC. I worked with a girl he liked. The girl and him never really worked out but we soon became great friends. He is SUCH an awesome person I don't even know where to begin....He use to drive a little green neon that said I'm 007 for the license plate. He had the best laugh and a personality to boot. Every memory I have of him is a great one. He use to have a ferret that would chase me! That thing was the devil!!! We would get together with our friends and have karaoke nights at his house, Hannah and I and him were always doing something stupid when we got together but it was always something FUN!!! He sadly died on April 4th 2006, so almost 3 years ago. (Car accident) He never had any kids (he was dating someone at the time he died). My friend called me and told me and I just burst into tears and still 3 years later I still miss him terribly. He was never someone I looked at more than just a friend but wow what an awesome friend he was. He's gone, gone forever it makes me sad but at least I have all my wonderful memories! One day I will see him again and man will we have ALOT to catch up on!!! I miss you Sean!!
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