Thursday, March 5, 2009


A few weeks back one of my top teeth in the back right side started hurting and a piece of tooth came off and so I made a denist apt at my sisters office she's an awesome dentist dental hygienist! The apt was set for March 11, no biggie it wasn't hurting UNTIL last weekend it started to really really HURT to the point where Monday morning came I called in sick because the pain was so bad that I ended up taking pain killers and crashing on the couch while the kids ran around me like mad men! When I called the dentist office they couldn't get me in until Tuesday (ugh!) and Tuesday morning was worse my ear was hurting so bad that I had to call in AGAIN (I really hate calling in sick) took more pain killers and watched movies with the boys while I crashed on the couch. Then went to the dentist apt and he took an X-Ray of my teeth....WOW I have HORRIBLE teeth! He said wow I'm suprised you aren't on some heavy pain killers (little did he know!) and showed me the picture of the tooth, it was soooo decayed (pretty much the whole tooth) that it was all the way down to the nerve and that he said he would try to do a root canal to save the tooth but couldn't even promise that it would work, set up an apt for Friday and went home. The denist office called back to tell me how much it would cost for a root canal, after insurance has payed their part I would have to pay about 700-800 dollars for a root canal that might or might not work? No way! So I asked him what it would cost to have the tooth pulled since that was the only other option and she said $75 dollars for my part. So I decided that I am going to have the tooth pulled and later on down the road get a new tooth in place of the hole....sigh tooth pain is by far the worse in my opinion! Anywho wish me luck this weekend is going to be long and painful!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The 6th Picture

The Rules:
Go to the document settings/my pictures on your computer
Choose your 6th file
Choose your 6th picture
Blog about it
Tag 6 more people!
I Tag: Melanie (Both Of Them!) Heather, Lisa, Jen & Joni & Anyone else who reads this!
Here is My Picture

This is My Baby Boy!!! This was taken at my Friend Raquel's House soon after we got home from Las Vegas...I can't believe what a cutie kid I have! He was almost 10 months old in this picture now he's almost 5! I still laugh when people (and they still do ask) when they say where I adopted him from...nope sorry he's mine yes hard to believe cause he's such a cutie!!! Anywho here's my handsome lil man! Now its your turn!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Work Out Time!

Richard Bought Us This Elliptical! I am SOOOO Excited Because Then I Can Work Out Whenever I Want Day/Night Anytime!!! I have 14 Weeks Until My Bridal Pictures I Want To Lost 26 Pounds By Then. My Goal Was To Make It By My Birthday & My Bridals Are On June 10th...18 Days Before My Birthday So If I Keep This Up Then I Will Totally Make My Goal Date!!!!!!!!! I'm Sooooo Excited!!! Keep Your Fingers Crossed For Me!!!

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