Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I know..I'm so lucky to have such a cute baby!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I know...I'm so Lucky!!

So today we had a company was long and it was uber hot in the room but in the end they gave us 100 Grand! Talk about sweet right? To bad it's not the money's the kind that will give you cavities..See below......

I know your all Jealous and you all want to work where I do...

Me & The Hubby

I sure do love this man...I would love it even more if he would just give up this stupid yellow rag he calls a shirt....I love the fact that his new job is finally giving us hours and we can finally have a savings account again...with money in it! Best part of this new job he shaves his face again! I love it! I love him...even if he didn't give that yellow rag shirt's a good thing he's so dang cute huh!?!

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Job.....

So there is a job that I want more than anything. It's a hard job it's a 24/7 with no vacations and no sick days and no overtime pay even though I would be working a TON of overtime! I would have many titles..........

  • Snot Catcher

  • Personal Chef

  • Teacher

  • Stylist

  • Housekeeper

  • Personal Shopper

  • Transportation Specialist

  • Nurse

  • Laundress

  • Caregiver

  • Gardner

  • Accountant

  • Social Coordinator

Sounds like alot of work doesn't it? Yes it does...and I would do ANYTHING to be able to have this job. The official title would be a full time Stay At Home Mom.....on the record I would never get "paid" in dollars but the rewards would be priceless! I want this job more than anything but I can't have it...well I can't have it full time. I have this job on the side...something I "get" to do after my full time job (which I LOVE...haha NOT) it's depressing because it's something I want so badly and yet I can't have it. I know there are no benefits but the rewards are endless...Someone told me if I want it bad enough it will happen. Problem is all the reasoning I do it still comes back to the same ending....I can't quit my makes me beyond depressed. I wish I just could win the lottery, I don't need millions and millions just enough to allow us to let me stay at home! Sigh........I mean who wouldn't want to be with these babies all day long?!?

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