Friday, July 17, 2009

I Mean Who Needs Ribs, Really?

When Richard asked me to be his personal maid and bear his 13 children (I kid you not, but trust me no way in this life time will I EVER pop out 13 kids) and help raise the lil turds I told him I would be delighted, perhaps the huge shiny object sitting in front of my face helped push me over but we will never know.

Anywho soon after he asked me I went dress shopping (this was approx May of 2008) I found a beautiful dress online for an AWESOME price so I bought it right away it came a few days later took a quick glance at it and then gave it to my mom to keep at her house. I got the dress a size 10 sounded fine to me since they say to go up 2 sizes from your normal pair of jeans. I put it on a few months back and I couldn't fully pull up the zipper so I figured I needed to lose a few more pounds, which I did so I didn't think much of it. Then the other day went to my mom's and I wore a body slimmer and tried on the dress, my mom came in to help me zip it up and that's when we realized something! It wasn't the fact I needed to lose a few more pounds, it was the fact that I have freakishly large RIBS! We could get the zipper up till the point of ribs went into play and then no more. (finding this out 41 days before the wedding, ah yes that's no reason to panic at ALL)

So I went to work the next day and told some co workers my issue, and thankfully I had some co workers who had dress from their previous weddings or daughters dress from their wedding or they have a wedding dress and then called off the wedding that they were willing to let me barrow! (I work with a few awesome ladies) So I thought sweet this will be ok, I can do this!

Dress 1 From Kristen: It was beautiful! She had purple beading and a purple lace up in the back (guess what my main color is....yup purple!!!) but same issue, thanks to my freakishly large ribs it wouldn't work....sigh....

Dress 2 From Patricia: It was simple but I LOVED it very elegant I felt like a princess in it! But ONCE again due to freak ribs, I couldn't get in that one EITHER!

Dress 3 & The WINNER! From Norma: I love it! It's cream with simple design in front but I love it, and best part it makes me look good haha and this time around it's to big! I am going to have Patricia take it in for me!

I swear I thought I was going to go crazy. As for the dress I bought I am going to sell it on KSL and hopefully get back what I spent on it! 36 days until the wedding! My step mom is throwing me a family bridal shower tomorrow...I am sure I will post about that later!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Proud Parents!

So I decided that the Hamster cage needed to be cleaned out, it's been a while and I thought some new Fluff would do them good. I started at the top of the cage (they have a seperate top area that is connected to the main part by a tube) then I picked up their little cardboard tube in the main part of the cage and began to clean it out and I noticed a piece of their food, I thought hmmmmm that's a big piece of food, hmmmm that piece of food is moving, CRAP! That isn't a piece of FOOD!!?!?! Yup that's right folks, while my sweet dear children were sleeping our hamsters were humping like rabbits and 18 days later.....7 babies were born! From what I can tell they are probably only a few days old, they look like the picture above. I did some quick online research and found out that the mother is only pregnant for 18 days! Freak that would be awesome! Honey I'm pregant, and I'm due next week! LOL So if anyone wants a hamster let me know! I have 7 lil turds!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Pictures!

We had family pictures taken on Saturday up at my Dad's I won't see the professional ones for a few weeks but here are some that were taken with my camera. I love my boys!
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