Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 77

Last night the weather was nice enough so we I let the kids enjoy the weather outside. Richard was working late so we had some fun while it was still light out. Evan has been pulling some funny faces lately, see above picture. After being cooped up inside all winter long they were having a blast! I can't wait for summer!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 76

This is me 23 weeks Pregnant with Evan

This was taken this morning I will be 25 weeks tomorrow

Look about the same size! See! No twins here!

Friday Confessionals


I Confess.........

I can finally share the exciting news I posted a few weeks ago on a Friday Confessional......My brother Ben is getting Married!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!! I love them both and I'm so excited for the big day...........

I Confess..........

Speaking of BIG DAY, I will be about as big as the day because I will be not quite 37 weeks pregnant! Yikes!

I Confess............

I have already started looking for cute clothes for the boys to wear. Since it will be June and most likely warm/hot I don't see the need to put them in Tux's I am looking for some cute polo and short outfits. So far I have found some cute ideas just need to go get them!

I Confess.................

I have a lot of siblings but all except above brother I don't really consider a sibling. I know it sounds RUDE but it's the honest truth. I have 3 step sisters and a step brother from my Dad's Wife. And last summer I was told that none of them like me, by my step Mom, and it's pretty obvious and the only one who speaks to me is my Step Brother's Wife, she's a sweetheart. The other siblings I have are my 4 Half's I didn't know them at all until I was 26. I was adopted so I wasn't raised with any of them. I don't talk to them much, they are pretty great people but still Ben is the only one I consider a sibling, he's the only one I grew up with.

I Confess...................

I am having bitter feelings towards someone, and I need to shake it. I could go into detail as to WHY I feel these feelings but it will only make me more bitter! I just need to just keep praying that she will realize what she is doing is not only hurting her kids but herself as well. I might need to do a LOT of praying!

I Confess.....................

I feel much better about said person after I got that in the open! Yay! Here's to feeling better about it!

I Confess...................

The weather this week has been WONDERFUL! We slept with our bedroom windows OPEN last night and when I woke up this morning I didn't have to turn on the heat, it was pure bliss!

I Confess...................

I am getting so excited for this summer! So much to do and enjoying it with my kids I can't wait! Hurry up Tax Season you need to be OVER! Only 4 more weeks left! WOOHOO!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 75

The weather has been so nice lately. I bought the boys push pops today and we sat outside and enjoyed them. Evan loved his made a total mess but that's ok cause if he didn't what would I do during the day? Evil laundry? :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 74

For the past few weeks the kitten has been acting really strange. At first we thought she was in heat and thought nothing of it. Kinda a pain but whatever. Well she seemed better so figured she was done. Then a week or so later she started up again and crying for whatever reason at all hours of the night then last week she started Pee'ing all over. So I did some research and all the signs were she had a UTI.....poor girl! So I made an apt for today. They did some tests and confirmed she didn't have a UTI but that she was still in heat and that cats will stay in heat for months at a time until she hooks up with a male cat or eventually stops......and that if we didn't get her fixed soon her random pee'in would turn into a habit, ummm ya NO thanks! So I decided to have her fixed, and the price wasn't to horrible so I had her fixed. She did really well. I dropped her off at 10 and then picked her up at 4pm. She's doing well and for having major surgery you would never know it! She's acting her normal self minus the annoying crying! I am just happy to know she will be ok!

We Want To Know Wednesdays!


{1}Ricki Jill @ wants to know:
I would like to know what the WWTK's participants serve when they have company for dinner. What are your go-to recipes?

I have a awesome Cold Tuna Pasta I like to make when I go to a pot luck party. It's just Pasta, Tuna, Olives and Cheese Chunks with a Mayo for the sauce ya I know totally not good for you but really good!

{2}Jill @ wants to know:
If you were told it was time for your last meal, what would you order up or make for yourself?

Anything with Chicken! Right now it would be a huge chicken salad with Italian dressing.......Yummmmmmmm

{3}Suzanne @ wants to know:
Sugar or alcohol? or more delicately Drink or Dessert?

I'm not a huge dessert person, I just can't handle sugar very well. Before I discovered I was knocked up with Soon to be baby girl my favorite drink was a Washington Apple, Mmmmm so very much so YUMMY! If I choose Sugar I love Strawberry Cheesecake!

{4}Myya @ wants to know:
What is your favorite Crock Pot Recipe?

Pot Roast!!!!!!! I love pot roast sandwiches afterwards! mmmmm

{5} Mamarazzi is having a hard time getting breakfast in everyday so she wants to know:
What are you eating for breakfast these days?

Right now, It's cereal on the mornings when I work and when I don't work Bagel or eggs

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 73

I went to see the baby doctor today. I love my baby doctor, he's just so nice! He gave me the meds to help stop the contractions, cause they have started already, awesome right? Thankfully they are 20 mins apart and only happen once/twice a week but still it sucks! His nurse gave me this lovely drink that I have to drink right before my next dr apt. YAY! I also need to go get my Flu shot as well. Woohoo! It's crazy to think I am almost to my 3rd and final Trimester! That will be in 2 weeks!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 72

This is an old picture of Richard I found this morning, this is when he was in Iraq.......sitting on his Throne.......I'm glad he got to sit on one then cause he sure isn't sitting on one now!?! Oh wait......crap........

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 71

Meet the Happy couple.........I love these guys! This is my brother Ben and his now soon to be wife Alayna! I am just so happy for them! They are getting married June 7th. My Mom has already made threats that I am not allowed to go into labor that day. I joked that if I really do go into labor I told my Dad (they are divorced) and he will take the boy's for us and we will just wait until after the wedding before we tell my Mom! I am so excited!

The Pretty Ring!
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