Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 28

My every so lovely friend Lisa's husband works with me. On Friday I get a text message just moments after I walked out the door from work that Bryan left his lunch in the fridge and asked if I could get it for him so he didn't lose it. They clean out the friday every Friday night. She said that it was in a Walmart bag and told me what was in it. Ok simple enough, I have friends who are still there I will just have them get it for me. Simple right? So I called my friend Steve and asked if he could get it for me. For whatever reason his phone didn't like being in the break room and kept dropping the call. Then he couldn't find the Walmart bag at all.......great someone took it? Awesome. So I texted Lisa saying it wasn't there. The moment I told her that Steve called me back saying he found it. Then asked me what to do with it.....Ummmmmmmm good question! We ended up having him hide it's cold enough it's like being in the fridge anyways! Then he texted me pictures as to where he hid it! haha. I worked the next day so I went and found it first thing and found it quickly but guess what I discovered when I picked it up? Ya NOT a Walmart bag! No wonder Steve couldn't find it! Haha OOPS.........It's back in the Fridge for Bryan to enjoy day........Just kinda made me giggle! Here is the "Walmart/Winco" bag!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Confessionals


I Confess.............

I bought my first few outfits of girl clothes yesterday! I was in LOVE and I want more! They have the cutest clothes! Don't get me wrong they have fun boy clothes but you just can't put a boy in cute Fluffy butt stuff and not get strange looks by your husband. Now I have a girl coming, bring on the Fluff baby!

I Confess......................

It's's my new hated day...............because it's MY Monday..........and no matter what time I went to bed the night before getting up at 4 am just is plain to early and SUCKS. I won't get home till 6 tonight and I will have a million things to do then so me being able to relax isn't anytime soon........Blah!

I Confess.............................

Recently one of my Mom's friends (and business partner) told my Mom how much she appreciates spending time with my kids. They are always dressed nice, clean and well behaved. That was one of those rare moments I felt like I am doing my job and felt really proud. I work very hard and I put my kids first for everything. They are my world.

I Confess....................

That I do feel proud for my last Confession I still feel I need to work harder with my kids, more on the lines of improvement with the relationships with them. Spending more one on one time with them etc etc. I feel I have done a better job with this once I quit my job. I wouldn't trade that time with them for the world. I hate being here at work but I know I need to be and it's only a temp thing but I still miss them so very much right now.

I Confess.................

I read Mamarazzi's confessions this morning and a little confused about the whole inside/outside cliques. There are such things? haha WOW I am clearly OUTSIDE cause I have no clue! I feel cool that I'm so UNCool that I have no clue as to what these cliques are! Go ME!

I Confess.............................

There are a lot of work emails to get done and I have no desire to help this morning? Why? Who knows but I do know that last year we worked on them and we didn't have to take phone calls this year we have to answer them between phone calls while everyone else gets to sit here and relax? Ya I'm just not feeling it..........I am all about helping work but this morning, just not feeling it! I am thinking it's just a Monday thing............

I Confess.............................

I so wished I had something like a horrible stomach ache or the flu to give me an excuse not to come into work today, how sad is that? I just want a day of no kids no one in the house to let me get caught up on sleep. Sigh...........I have a love hate relationship with Sleep!

Day 27

I bought these yesterday. I went to Carter's and couldn't help myself. They are just so cute! The middle pink one says Daddy's Princess. The bottom one as of now will be the outfit we will bring her home in.......It's just so odd for me to think that in a few short months we will have someone in these clothes! They are just so tiny. They also have preemie clothes too there I swear they look like doll clothes and all three of my boys when they were first born could fit into preemie clothes! Crazy.........I am going to buy something for the baby each paycheck. Nothing more than 20 bucks and I don't have a ton of things to buy really other than clothes and then the little things like lotion, bottles, Baby towels, a few blankets etc etc. My friend Jana wants to throw me a baby shower a well so I am hoping to get clothes from that. I hope the next 22 weeks flies by! I can't wait to meet her!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 26

I am so proud of my son! He got an award in school for following the class rules! Go Avery! I showed it to Richard and he made a very good point. He follows the rules wonderfully at school so what happens when he gets home? Everything goes down the drain? He's a pretty good kid most of the time there are times he gives you the deer in the headlights look when asking him why he did or didn't do something and his normal response is....Ummmmm I don't know? Ahhhhhhhh yes children......they have brain damage sometimes.......Still very proud of you Avery! Keep it up! Maybe one day it will rub off on you when your at home :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 25

The boys enjoying coloring a page from the Harmon's coloring contest. Don't even think about no including Evan he will FREAK out. Gave them something to do while I made dinner. I love these boys so much!

We Want To Know Wednesdays!


{1} What is your favorite room in your house and why? Bonus points for a picture.
{2} What is your favorite time of day and why?
{3} What is your favorite genre of music (or band/singer) and why?
{4} What is your favorite "go to" snack? Is it something you keep on hand?
{5} What is your favorite form of exercise or way to keep moving?

{1} What is your favorite room in your house and why? Bonus points for a picture.

Honestly? My bedroom. My place to hide from kids (just kidding) a place to spend time with the husband. Watch some TV (AKA Veg out) a place to get the much needed rest when trying to catch up some sleep. It's a place I feel safe. I love my room!

{2} What is your favorite time of day and why?
That's hard to say I love the night.....I am SUCH a night person which means mornings SUCK so much. I just drag and I get my 1st wind around 1-2 pm doesn't mean I won't do anything before then but that's when I feel the best. At night after the boys go to bed. I try and get everything done for the day by the time they go to bed which means I can sit down and relax and do what I want to do and spend time with the Husband.

{3} What is your favorite genre of music (or band/singer) and why?
It honestly depends on my mood. I love all types of music. Hard, Country, R&B it just depends on my mood. Right now I'm on a Green Day kick, and some country. haha I know I'm odd :)

{4} What is your favorite "go to" snack? Is it something you keep on hand?
String Cheese! Mmmmmmmmmmm Sooooooooo yummy!

{5} What is your favorite form of exercise or way to keep moving?
Being a stay at home Mom........enough said......2 floors......Washing Machine is downstairs.......2 boys home full time one of which runs around everywhere and his favorite room is the bathroom and he loves the toilet more than a normal child should..........need I say more?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 24

They have mystery bag's filled with either Lego's or Marvel characters. Last time was less than awesome..........This time!?!? Awesome!!!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 23

I'm not putting anyone down who does "dress" up their dogs........but really? 25 bucks for a sweater and even better.....DRY CLEAN ONLY!?! Come on! That's a bit excessive!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 22

He is so different than my other 2 kids. He will randomly come in my room find one of my hats and wear it around, the other 2 kids freaked out if you tried to put a hat on their head. 5 minutes after I took the first picture he came in with his bucket on his head. He LOVES buckets and things with cords and he loves to carry around both. He's got such a cute personality!

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