Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 Weeks Later....

I can't believe that Evan is 3 weeks old already! Time sure has flown by! He's still pretty tiny..at his 2 week check up he was 6 lbs 2oz...so he was 2 oz below his birth weight. It's common for them to lose weight after they go home from the hospital. He eats...ALOT so I know he's growing. He eats every 2-3 hours so I am up ALOT during the night! I forgot how tired newborns make you! The boys are loving him alot...Toby calls him his baby and whenever Avery's around Evan looks in his direction. Today My Dad was over at our house visiting and he was holding Avery on his lap and I put Evan in his arms and the moment Evan got in my dad's arms he reached his hand out to Avery, it was so sweet! I just love him so much! Something so small and someone I have only known for 3 weeks and amazing how I love him SO MUCH!!!! I love my boys! I hate how time is flying by so quickly but I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!
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