Friday, October 9, 2009

My Boys......

Here are the kids playing before heading to bed tonight (yes I do dress Toby in Pj's he just wasn't wearing them quite yet) They were having a blast playing in the office while I finished up dinner (we were working in reverse tonight, baths then dinner then bed) Toby's newest thing is to put sun glass's or work glasses and ride around on his lil buggy. Ahhh and as you can see Avery is recovering quickly. Good thing kids can bounce quickly, cause if that would have happened to me? I would have been out cold for a week at least! I sure do love my boys!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Poor Avery!

Ok so this week has been just one ROUGH week for my little boy! He's is my good kid in the sense of not getting hurt or sick very often and he got hit with a thunderstorm!
On Tuesday we were coming inside and he tripped, (I was right behind him) and he didn't look like he fell that badly but he jumped up quite quickly SCREAMING bloody murder, I saw some blood but I knew he had a small scab on the top part of his lip so I figured he just re opened the scab, so I tried to calm him down and told him to shut his mouth so he didn't bleed all over and we would get him cleaned up (I had my arms full of stuff so I couldn't look at it up close right away. As I was walking in the door he was still crying quite a bit and then he dropped open his mouth and blood went EVERYWHERE! all over his shirt and the cement. I then quickly dropped the stuff off inside and came back out I looked and saw his forehead would most likely need stitches because the wound was quite wide then I looked at his lip and realized the bottom lip was badly cut open wide and deep and LONG! I ran inside got him a rag and brought him in and tried to calm him down. Then I called Richard and informed him that we would be going to the ER. He got home we woke up Toby and off we went to McKay Dee. 3 hours LATER waiting in ER we finally got back to see the doctor, he proceeded to put glue on Avery's forehead since it was such a "clean" cut. He then had the nurses wrap him up and hold him down to put the stitches in for his mouth, I can now see why my parents even had me get stitches if it wasn't 100% necessary, that was so traumatic for him, and the nurses & doctors did a awesome job! I felt so bad for him! They used 12-15 stitches and sent him on home, Doctor said to keep him home because he would probably be really sore and swollen. I had a meeting that I couldn't miss the next day at work so he spent some time with my friend Cami so that I could go to the meeting. Then I came home and worked the rest of the day at home so I could be with him. (This was Wednesday) By Wednesday night he was feeling MUCH better and was able to eat again and well just open up his mouth period! So things were looks MUCH better by the time we went to bed.
The next morning however changed quickly! I went down to get the kids around 6:45 AM this morning only to discover that Avery has PINK EYE! He had so much junk around his eye he couldn't even open it up, I had to use a baby wipe to get it to open! Yikes! And the school won't let him go to school with it, so I had to stay home (thankfully able to work from home today as well) and Richard took him to the doctors this afternoon. While eating lunch he asked me if he had to get a shot (remember he was just in the ER Tuesday and they gave him many of shots while there) I told him no he wasn't going to have to get one. He looked to relieved. He then later on asked if his eye was still red and if he really needed to go to the doctors. I replied yes it's STILL red and you still need to go to the doctors, he then re asked, ARE you sure I won't have to get a shot? I re explained to him NO I promise no shots! He was ok after that. Richard took both boys so that I didn't have to worry about Toby while he was gone. He called me about 45 minutes later to inform me that the doctor wants to give both boys their flu shots. I thought nothing of it said ok and hung up. Then I freaked out! Wait! I promised Avery NO SHOTS! And now he's going to have to get one! I called Richard back and thankfully he explained it to Avery why he was getting the shot and how it's nothing to do with his red eye. He came home and said Mom I was brave, I got my shot! I was happy he was ok with it, but still felt bad cause I promised him (after the crappy week he's had) no shots! He was just happy he got a sucker out of the deal! Sigh my poor little boy! We both have had one ROUGH week! I'm Soooooooooooo Ready for the weekend!

His lip & face right after it happened, awww poor baby!
This was taken Thursday Morning with his pink eye, can you guess what one?

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