Friday, April 24, 2009

What A Day..Part 2

So on Tuesday we went back down to PCMC for the follow up apt with the doctor. Avery has Primary Vesicoureteral Reflux on his left kidney, basically the pee goes back up into his kidney, which it's not suppose to do! They grade from 1-5, 5 being the worse and he's at a 3, they said 50% of kids at a 3 or higher bodies will fix themselves and the other 50% will need to have sugery, they say that three-quarters of children who get it are girls. The Doctor put him on a daily med to keep him from getting UTI's and go from there, if he keeps getting the UTI's while on the meds then we will probably have to do surgery, but I am hoping not.

Read here it has more information for you. Anywho while at the apt Avery was complaining of his head hurting but didn't think much of it, then while talking to the doctor he was getting worse so I looked at him and said calm down your fine......and then he proceeded to throw up ALL OVER the doctors office, and KEPT throwing up, so they sent us down to the ER to have him checked out, he had a 102 fever so they wanted to watch to make sure it wasn't something serious (IE that morning he was on the banana chair wrong and fell off and smacked his head...oops) so we got to spend the next several hours in the ER to find out that he had a bad reaction to his Pre K shots that he gotten the night before (joyus). So in the last week I have been thrown up on by both my kids! Don't you just LOVE being a Mom somedays!? I sure do love my kids, but I sure has heck do NOT love puke, in any way shape or form!!!!! I will keep you posted on any changes with this!

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