Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm Serious MOM!!!

I sure do love these people....they might drive me crazy at times, but I'm sure I do the same to them at times! I can't believe how big my boys are getting!!! Avery is 5 and is going to be starting school in the fall, Toby is 18 months old now!! I remember thinking I would never have him and I would be pregnant with him forever and now look at him, walking...finally!!! They both have such cute personalty's. Avery's newest thing is "I'm serious mom" and "That's Awesome!!!" He was telling me something the other day, I was half listening to him because I was trying to get something done at the same time, and he was like it was awesome (something about the tv show he was watching) so I was like that's good Avery, and he responded with a very annoyed voice, clearly pissed that I wasn't listening to him 100% Mom! I'm serious! It was AWESOME! I couldn't help but on the other hand decided finally that walking was cool, or in Avery's words...Awesome......and Avery screams EVERYTIME Toby gets old after the 20th time hearing MOM Toby's WALKING....I really hope he doesn't pick this habbit up when Toby learns something else.....Toby is having a blast walking though, he will start to giggle if he realizes you are watching him walk, its really quite cute!

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie........

I'm sure you have read the book "If you give a Mouse a Cookie" That's how I feel my life is at the moment! I started on one project and now I want to do something else which in turn will make me want to do another project, and so forth, kinda like a snowball effect going downhill! Last weekend we painted the office and our bedroom (office the brown and our room the blue) and I LOVE IT! We also had Richards Dad & brother come over and help put in a new tub/shower combo and take out our old tub, and now we are going to put in new flooring in our bathroom. The flooring in our kitchen, hallway and bathroom is all the same so once we start in the bathroom we might as well go through the rest and get everything new! I have had the boys all week, we take them back up to Idaho on Sunday, tear...I'm going to miss them this week!

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