Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Toby & Mommy Day

Since coming back into the office a little over a year ago, I believe that Toby has had the hardest time adjusting. Avery is in school so he's busy and Evan doesn't know anything but a sitter during the day, but Toby spent the first year and a half home with me, and then when I went on bed rest with Evan he was home with me again, poor kid misses me, and honestly I miss him too...A LOT! Last week he was freaking out every morning we were taking him to the sitters, so when the offer to get off work early last week I took it, I wanted to go and spend the day with my Toby.
I took him to McDonald's, he LOVED it....then we went to Wally world, where he was able to see through a wall to see a Swat toy set, normally I don't buy my kids toys on a whim, but seeing how it was a Toby & Mommy day, I caved, lil stinker knew and he REFUSED to let me carry the toy out to the car, I am pretty sure he was afraid I was going to leave it at the store unpaid I wanted to....thankfully he has been sharing with his brother. Good thing I love this kid!

Dr. Pepper

They have made a "throwback" Pepsi & Mt Dew, and now they made a Dr. Pepper. I wasn't impressed with the Pepsi or the Mt Dew but I have been told by a couple of people including my brother who LOVES Dr. Pepper that it's quite tasty, the problem is finding the dang stuff! Richard and I have gone to several different stores LOOKING for the dang stuff and nothing...ugh....stupid! SO if anyone knows where I can find the drink, PLEASE let me know!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Very Worst Job...Blog

There is a blog I like to read, there are 3 different blogs

I love reading them, it's people who write in about their experiences. A few months ago I wrote in about an experience with my old boss when I was pregnant with Toby.

I am a published writer...haha, ya right!
Picture above...Toby 2 weeks old...crazy how time flies! He's almost 3!?!


Evan at his 6 month check up weighs 19.1 pounds and 26 1/2 inches long. We did a comparison to Toby and he is 2 more pounds and a 1/2 shorter than Toby at his age! That just makes me giggle, Evan is short and chunky! He holds all of his chubbiness in his cheeks and thighs, I LOVE it...I love that my baby is chubby...babies are supposed to be fat!!!!! He will do what his brothers did and thin out big time once he starts to walk, when that will be is another story in itself. Avery was almost 17 months and Toby was almost 19 months before they started to walk. I'm ok with it but at the same time I hate carrying them EVERY where for almost 2 years! I love these boys!

Pretty Flowers

I came home yesterday to find these beauties on my table. Aren't the pretty? I love them! They smell so nice (another bonus). I was joking around with Richard as to why he got them for me, he said just cause...awwww cute huh? I told him he couldn't use these as a future get out of the dog house....I will give him extra kisses for them though....cause I'm nice like that. Thanks dear, I love them!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Going "Postal"

Going postal....I did a google search on this topic, as to why people go "postal".

"Because of their working conditions,mail keeps coming day after day never ending..."

"The real reason people "go postal" is because they are tired of being wage-slaves and living lives of mindless-purposeless drones with no hope"

The reason why I did a google search on this was I hauling up a huge load of clean laundry to our room last night, and I was pretty sure that I just FINISHED my laundry on Thursday, how in the crap did I manage to have 2 more fully loaded laundry baskets already? Seriously? I HATE LAUNDRY!!!!!!!

So anyone who says they are going "postal" at their job clearly has never done laundry for a family of 5 day in and day out!!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


These pictures were taken over the weekend, I love my little family! I wish I had more time to spend with them, but I sure do love the time I get with them!

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