Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Army Man

Richard served 9 years in the Army I found some pictures at his Mom's this first picture is Richard Right After Boot Camp.....How Handsome IS He!?!?!
Richard & His Dad

Baby Pictures Of Richard

When I was in Fresno I got pictures of Richard from his Mom, I had them scanned on a disk and until today I thought I had lost them, so needless to say when I found them I was quite happy! Here are a few pictures of my CUTE Hubby!

Baby Richard..Awwwww
Richard, Although Looks ALOT Like Toby! Robert (Richard Dad) Robbie, Richard & Chris (Richard's Older Brother Who Has Passed Away)

Richard's Hospital Picture

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thankful For

There are many things I am thankful for, here are a few of them

*My WONDERFUL, cute, sweet, caring Husband Richard, whom I wish I could do more for but strive for everyday to show how much I truly do love him.

*My Avery boy, there are days he drives me nuts but they are few and far between! He's such a great big brother and is such a sweetheart! I love this kid!

*My Tubby.....Toby! A total opposite of his older brother but love him just the same. He makes me laugh all the time and keeps me on my toes! Hard to believe he's been apart of our lives for 2 years now!

*My Family. They do so much for us, I can't even begin on how much they have truly helped us in the past few months! I will forever be in their debt!

*My Health, so far this year has been a wonderful year! Thanks to a Doctor who didn't think I was a pain pill popper and got me the correct meds I haven't had an attack since Aprilish, well a full on blown one! (Knock On Wood!) Last year at one point I was having them so often and so bad that I was visiting the ER once every 2 weeks! It was horrible! Thanks Doctor!!!!!!!

*Baby Pickle! I can't believe I am almost half way done! We go on Monday (Richards Birthday) to 100% find out what the sex is! Super excited. Doing some weekly shots to help further the pregnanacy and make sure this baby won't be a NICU baby so I can invite everyone and their 3rd cousin to come see us at the hospital! (Trust me I WILL!)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Flu Shots!

See! I'm so Brave!

Never have I been more happy to get a shot! H1N1 Shot Aka Swing Flu Shot. My Co Worker Kacie (who is 8 weeks ahead of me) came to my desk and said that Davis Conference Center was doing the H1N1 shot and that her Mother In Law had just got hers and they were taking apts still. So we hurried down there to get an apt (since both of us need it badly!) we got there and they were willing to give us an apt slip but then also stated that there was little to no wait to get the shot right then and there! So we went and got in line and we were next in line, so we were able to get in and out with our shots in less than 15 minutes! I cried a little bit ok maybe I screamed, I kinda blacked out for a bit from all the pain, but they gave me a sucker and I was good to go. Woohoo!

On A Side Note...18 Weeks!!!!!
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