Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Wedding Pictures!

My good friend Brandi and her husband came to the wedding and they brought along Pauls fancy camera to take some pictures, he brought them by tonight, he did such a wonderful job!!! Here are some of the pictures he took, I can't wait until I get the offical ones back! I also updated the blog with my bridals scroll on down and check them out!

Monday, August 24, 2009

8-22-09....A Day I Will Never Forget

I can't believe it finally came! It seemed like this day would never get here and now it's come and gone! It was by far better than I hoped for! My Mom, Terry, Ann, Susan & Trudi did SUCH a wonderful job in making my day a special day, I can't thank them enough! I also want to thanks my bridemaids they made be feel like a total princess! I love those girls! I am so happy to say I am married to Richard, he makes my day better each day, makes me smile and is SUCH a wonderful father and partner. The week leading up to the wedding was just pure crazyiness! Tons and I do mean TONS of people at my house (at one point 30 people in my little house!) but I had a blast! Seeing family from different states, driving or flying just to be with us on our special day, means the world to us to see everyone there. Thank you everyone who came and joined in on our special day! Avery was our ring bearer during the practice run the night before he wasn't to happy and infact told me he was "done" and didn't want to do it anymore, but on the day of the wedding he was having a blast. Toby on the other hand enjoyed just running around with all the other kids, kinda annoyed we put him in a tuxedo but I thought it was adorable! Here are some pictures, Richards Uncle Rick took a TON (like 700 pictures) and he gave me the cd's already! I am sure I will post many pictures as I get them! Here are a few of pictures that were my favorite. I also got my bridals back today, I will update my previous post with more of those pictures too!
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