Monday, April 13, 2009

What A Day!!!

Me & Avery 4 years ago....Such a cutie!!!

So Today We got up early and drove down to Primary Children Medical Center so that Avery could have some Xray's done on his Kidneys and Bladder. He got a UTI a few weeks ago and the doctor wanted more tests done because of how rare boys get them. We first did the ultra sound of the kidneys and the doctor said they looked good and healthy (woohoo!) then on for the not so fun tests. They had to run a test where they took a catheter (spelling?) to see how his bladder was filling up and emptying. And well lets just say the poor kid had a really hard time....but honestly think about it! They did a great job but I am sure it hurt! After getting him a gift from the gift shop and agreeing to take him to McDonald's we headed back home. We got to McDonald's and got him settled in at the play land (ouch my ears are STILL hurting from all the screaming) and was standing in line to order food waiting for my Mom to get there, and then all the sudden OUT of the total blue Toby threw up ALL over me!!!!! thankfully I acted quick threw off the top shirt and my undershirt didn't get effected! But STILL! PUKE!!!!!! GROSS!!! Not baby formula puke, NOOOO 16 month old nasty smelling with chunks PUKE! But then after he did that he was totally fine! Acted like he never threw up! So we ate lunch then my Mom took Avery to her house to play and I took Toby home for a nap and for me to work for a few hours. I took him home and put him down, and a few minutes later I heard him cough a few times, then heard that lovely PUKE noise....NOT AGAIN! So I spent the better part of the hour cleaning him up! After I got him cleaned up, I put him him on my chest and passed out he was quickly! Then I logged into work and worked until 8pm...sigh...I am so tired!!! Like I said...What a DAY!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Newest Face

So this is Toby's newest Happy face! If I pull out the camera this is the newest face he will show you! He's happy and what I believe he is trying to do is smile, but overall it's quite funny!

Happy Easter!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! The kids had a blast! We got to make a Bunny House and they got to eat Chocolate Bunnies, go on a Easter Egg hunt with Uncle Ben and have dinner with the family. Avery got to dye some Easter Eggs with Mom as well! It was a fun fun day!!

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