Thursday, June 3, 2010

California Trip

We went to Fresno California for Memorial weekend, to visit Richard's Mom & family. Baby Troy was born on May 13th so we waited for him to be born as well. We drove all night to get that the boys could sleep majority of the trip which was nice for THEM! Man alive I am still tired! It was a super fun trip...only one down fall...Richards older brother made the announcement that he is divorcing his wife of 5 years. Sad for them but sometimes it's the best thing she might not see that now...but only time will tell. We get to go back in November for Thanksgiving, I can't wait!

Boy's having fun..this was somewhere on the road to Wendover
The kids outside we had a BBQ Sunday it was so much fun
Oreo's are Toby's favorite Cookies
Uncle Robbie playing with the kids...Toby sweeping the driveway!
They all had a blast attacking Uncle Robbie...poor guy was worn out!
Don't they look thrilled?
Eric Aka Twiggy....aka Richard's youngest brother
Toby & Mark...he's dating Richard's sister Emily I LOVE this kid!
Richard tickling Emily
Daddy Rudy & Troy
Avery & Elijah
Baby Troy & Anna
Evan & Grandma Emily
Miss Zoe...She was just a tad dirty!
All the babies minus Troy....Elijah, Jesse, Zoe, Avery, Toby & Evan

Evan & Troy

6 weeks apart in age....Evan 3.30.10 & Troy 5.13.10. Such cute boys!

I love the look on Evan's face & Troy is giving me the Talk to the hand gesture....
Nom..Nom...Nom....Troy's Hand is quite divine....

Binki time!
Close in size...Evan weighs about a pound more than Troy....

I can't wait to see Troy again in November for Thanksgiving!

Troy Alexendar Hendrickson

Yup..Another boy...another nephew..another grandson....another BOY! Hendrickson's only produce boys....because they wouldn't know what to do with a girl! LOL...On Richard's Mom's side there is only 1 girl and on his Dad's Side there is only 3...On my Mom's side there are NO girls and on my Dad's side there are only of them is due any day now.

Mama Cindy & Troy
Troy & Uncle Richard

Cindy & Troy Me & Evan...only 6 weeks apart in age

With OR...Without?

Trying to decide what I like better....

2 Months

Hard to believe that Evan is 2 Months old already......I love the first picture he looks so sad! It's quite cute!

Grandkids & Great Grandkids

Papa & his grandkids. Uncle Paul and his family was up in Utah last week for Aunt Lori's Mom's funeral....they stopped by for a few hours at Papa's house so we went to see them. Here is Papa with the cute Great Grandbabies. There are more but couldn't get the other ones here.

Toby, Avery, Evan, Bently, Logan & Riley & Papa
Papa & Evan
Me & Miss Melly!
Josh, Avery & Nick

Zook Girls & Evan

While on Evan leave I went up to Hyde park for 2 weekends in a row to watch my Cousin's daughters while him and his wife were in California. They have 5 kids 3 girls and 2 boys but they had the boys with them (neither one are in School yet). The girls were wonderful, they helped me out with the boys, (which was so nice) and they played with Evan and LOVED holding him. Their dad is my cousin from my birth family. Alot of people say we look alike in the face, I can see it, it's fun to have relatives who look like me or vise versa!

Tera...Age 14....Such a teenager!
Emma...Age 11....Such a cute personality!
Miss Sarah...Age 9.....a cute girl and a great helper with the boys!
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