Saturday, October 3, 2009

You Were The What?

We went to my Mom & Terry's tonight to get Avery's hair cut and to visit with them and my brother Ben who was down from Logan. Avery was playing outside with Uncle Ben when they came in for a moment and Avery was telling my Mom was they were playing.

Grandma: What are you guys playing Avery?

Avery: We are playing Dinosaur's, Uncle Ben is the T Rex and I'm the Cuban

Grandma: Your The WHAT?

Avery: I'm The HUMAN

Grandma: Ohhh Human! Not Cuban! Oh Ok

Avery: Yeah I'm The HUMAN! And Hank Is The Hankascaurus (spelling)

Grandma: Well Ok Then, You Go Have Fun Playing The HUMAN

(Rest of the people in the room at this point are rolling on the ground laughing, mainly because Avery kinda looks Cuban? It sure was funny!)

Friday, October 2, 2009

3 Things You Didn't Know Update!

I was going through my old postings and saw the 3 things you didn't know blog that I posted way back in April of 2008, I was reading through some of the things about the kids and made me happy to read them because some of the stuff I wrote I totally forgot about! So I figured I would update it with current things about the family!

3 Things You Didn't Know About Avery

1. He has gotten SOOOOO Much better with eating & not taking 12 years to do so! In fact the other day he beat me at finishing dinner, needless to say I was really quite shocked! A year ago (I know I have a blog about it somewhere) it could take up to 30 plus minutes AFTER the rest of us were finished eating for him to finish eating. It's the little things that make me proud, but hey I'm ok with that!

2. Avery is seriously the BEST big brother with Toby, I couldn't ask for a better big helper! Toby is sure one lucky brother. They play together so well, it's so much fun to watch them! Avery will encourage him when he does something well and will come and inform me when Toby's not doing something he knows he shouldn't be doing, not a tattle tale by any means (at least not right now that could quickly change however) but more to inform me if Toby is doing something that could possibly hurt him. I love how they are so close, I was worried because of the age difference but that couldn't be further from the truth!

3. Avery's favorite person is his Uncle Ben. He just idolizes his Uncle, I swear in his eyes Ben can do no wrong! He loves spending time with him and anything that Ben gives them he treasures dearly. Uncle Ben will most likely be moving away after he finishes up school in Logan in May due to the fact the Army will ship him off somewhere, although Avery doesn't get to see Uncle Ben that often I am holding off telling Avery that Ben's going to be moving away (a big part is because we don't know where he is going yet) mainly because I know it will crush my little boy, I know it will just break my heart when that day comes and Uncle Ben leaves and Avery will just be devastated. Don't get me wrong Avery LOVES his Papa & Grandpa's he just has a very special place for his Uncle Ben, after all he is named after him (Avery Benjamin).

I sure do love my Avery Boy! He might drive me insane and sure knows how to push my buttons but I wouldn't trade that kid for anything (I do have my days where I wonder!)

3 Things You Didn't Know About Toby

1. In my last posting about the 3 things, I said something along the lines that Toby loves to stand up and hopefully he will learn to walk sooner that his older brother did at 18 months, boy was I wrong! He was actually 19 months old before he officially learned to walk! He had been walking along the couches and in his walker for months upon months, and had been crawling since he was 8 months old but he just was happy and content with having people carry him! The little turd! Now that he's almost 22 months old he's a walking champ! (Watch now that I am use to my kids not walking till they are older this next child will walk at like 7 months!)

2. Toby has a new obession! It's TAGS! Anything with a Tag he MUST play with. He will take the tag and rub it between his fingers over and over again. He will go in the bathroom and in the kitchen and drag the towels around the house like a little blankie. If he has a blanket he will drag that around as well! For a while he had one of his pj's shirts in his bed with him because the collar and end of sleeves felt just like a tag so he would play with it every night and nap time! It's really quite cute!

3. Toby's favorite person is still his Daddy, but funny thing is? He still hasn't mastered saying Daddy, he will say Daddy on a rare occasion but usually ends up calling Daddy, MOMMY! And his favorite thing to do is say Mom, over and over and over and OVER again and will do so until you finally say something to him and his response is? He will just giggle and run away! Are ya kidding me!?! 22 months old and already knows how to push my buttons! He can say Avery pretty well too it sounds like AAAAReeee. I love this age where they will come up to you and talk in baby talk and you can just sit there and agree with what they are saying. The other day he came in doing his babbling and I agreed with what he was saying and he got QUITE upset! I guess he wanted some juice and when I wasn't getting up to get it he got mad (I had to have Avery translate what he said)

Toby has quite the personality he lets you know if he's not happy with you! He's very vocal and sometimes it drives me insane but I love him just the same!

3 Things You Didn't Know About Richard

1. Richards favorite drink is still Mt Dew it just moved over to one of its many flavored Mt Dew, the WOW Dew, Horde he's quite upset that they are doing away with it! Guess he will just have to switch back!

2. Richard served 9 years in the Army, he officially got out a month after Toby was born, his unit has since had several of their members shipped off to several locations (IE Iraq and other scary places) I am proud of his friends for protecting us but I am even MORE happy that Richard is out so that I don't have to be one of the wives that has to be in an constant state of worry. Although I do miss his clean shaved look!

3. Richard is a early riser, me on the other hand...Not so much! Most weekends he will "sleep in" until about 7am then he's up and about. Blah, I LOVE my sleep and I LOVE to sleep in! He claims he can't sleep anymore so he just gets up, I am sure glad he does let me sleep in though!

I love my Richard, he's by far the best thing that has happened to me! I can't thank him enough for everything he does for us! He's such a great husband & father!

Uncle Virgil!

Toby was quite cranky when he got up from his nap this afternoon (he's been like this all week and lets just say its quite annoying) so we put him in our room and layed him on our bed and told him he could come out when he decided to be happy again, he was laying in there for about 20 minutes randomly screaming, trying to get our attention, getting annoyed because he was getting no success. Then Richards youngest brother Virgil came over and Toby heard his voice, he came out of our room and into the office chatting away happy as can be, demanding to sit on Uncle's lap. Here are some of the pictures of said happy child, don't let him fool you, 20 minutes prior he was the spawn of the devil. Gotta love Uncles!

PS Don't you just LOVE toby's Flip hair do? He woke up looking like that...awesome hair!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Looking Back

Back when I found out I was pregnant with Toby someone suggested that I take a picture week to week so I could look back and see how big I really was getting, now that I am no longer preggers with Toby it's fun to compare week to week. These pictures make my giggle because the top picture is me at 18 weeks with Toby, I was REALLY quite suprised that I was showing as much as I am at only 18 weeks! Then the next picture is of me at 19 weeks! WOW My belly sure did POP out! I went to yeah kinda have a belly to BLAM You have a freaking HUGE one now! I can't wait to start showing! I love the cute "little" Belly!

That Can't Be Comfortable!

The dogs come in each night so we were in the office before bed and Richard pointed out how Molly was sleeping, she always sleeps in the most weird positions, but seriously this can't be comfortable! Odd dog.........
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