Friday, September 12, 2008

Then & Now...Thanks Lisa!

20 years ago...1. I Was Living In Tennessee 2. My Favorite Thing To Do Was Annoying My Brother.....Hey Still Is! 3. I Had A Dog Named Lisel Whom I LOVED!

10 years ago...1. I Just Started My Senior Year In High School 2. Worked For Acres Market. 3. I Went To All My Brothers Wrestling Matches, (I Was The Person That Kept Score For The Team)

5 years ago...1. My Brother Had Just Left For His Mission 2. I Just Found Out I Was Pregnant With Avery 3. I Was Living In Riverdale

3 years ago...1. I Got A Wonderful 25 Birthday Gift...My Nannices Ireland Ring From My Papa 2. I Just Had Moved Home From Horrible Las Vegas 3. I Enjoyed Watching Avery Learn New Things Everyday (Still Do)

1 year ago...1. I Just Found Out I Was Having Another Boy 2. I Moved To Layton3. I Was Starting To Realize How Much I Really Loved Richard & How Fun It Was Being In A Relationship That Didn't Take So Much Work

So far this year...1. Richard & I Bought A House 2. Started To Work From Home 3. Richard Asked Me To Be His Wife

Yesterday...1. Bitched At Richard Cause I'm Stressed Out 2. Went & Got My Teeth Cleaned 3. Wished Bryan A Happy Birthday!

Today...1. Slept In A Little Bit Because I Could (20 Mins But Still!) 2. Drank My 1 & Only Soda For The Day (Dr. Pepper) 3. Gave Richard A Hug & Said I Was Sorry For Bitching Last Night

Tomorrow...1. Going To Allie's 1st Birthday Party 2. Going To Mow My Lawn 3. Enjoy Not Having To Deal With Cranky CPA's

Next year...1. I’ll Be Just Getting Back From My Honeymoon 2. Getting Avery Ready Each Morning For School.3. Praying That Richard Still Has His Contract Job

Picture Tag!

Saw This Picture Tag On Allison's Thought This Would Be Fun! Come On Everyone Do It! And Then Let Me Know!

Self Portrait
Yeah Not Looking So Lovely Today In My Defense I Have 2 Sick Kids & A Sick Hubby!

Kitchen Sink

You Will Quickly Realize That My House Looks Like We Jumped Into A Time Machine & Went Back To 1970....Just Wait You Will See! Huge Plans But Time Is Money! Can't Wait To Start!

Favorite Room
Living Room! I Love My Couch It's So Comfy, I Didn't Say I Loved The Color Of The Carpet & Drapes But This Room Has Such A Warm Feel To It, & Richard And I Love Coming In Here At Night Sitting There And Just Talking, Its Such My Favorite Room!

Laundry Room

I Would Like To Be Able To Do Something With This Room Just Not Sure What ATM

Yup! I Agree Allison We Both Have Kids!

Master Bath
First Picture Is The Bathroom Upstairs, Second Picture Is The Bathroom In "Our" Room Big Plans People!!!

Master Closet

Ok So We Really Don't Have A Master Closet, More Like 2 Sets Of Big Drawers! We Just Moved In This House In March & We Have Alot Of Big Plans With It But Until We Get The Money To Do The Big Plans We Sorta Don't Have A Closet! But At Least It's Organized! I'm Quite Proud Of That!

Favorite Shoes
Yup! That's Right My Favorite Pair Of Shoes Are My Own Bare Feet!

Favorite Part Of The House

This Is Our Living Room, Not Much Yet But My Favorite Part Cause It's Where The Boys Play In The Most & Close To My Office So I Can See Them All Day & Where I Go And Relax After Work And Watch TV And Fold Clothes Etc....I Have Big Plans For This Room As Well Along With The Rest Of My Dang House!


Dream Vacation!

I Wanna Go Anywhere Its Warm, Relaxing And Away From Screaming Children & Of Course With Richard! Mexico Sounds Great Don't Ya Think?

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Because I Wanted To Mom

I told Avery he couldn't eat the berries we had growing in our backyard, so instead he decided he smear them on his forhead like war paint! I asked him why and he told me because he wanted to.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Proud Nephew, Sister, & Mom!

So Peach Days in Brigham was Saturday and my brother was the one who was leading the parade! It was really quite cool! Avery thought it was toally cool!

The Devil In Strawberry Flavor!

Ok so I have been on my diet for a little over a week now, I'm doing a good job, running 2 plus miles a day (increases each day) until I hit the 5 mile mark, I have cut my Soda in take to just 1 soda a day and drinking alot more water etc etc, except these dang twizzlers keep getting the best of me! I don't know why I like them so much but I do! Ugggh!

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