Friday, March 5, 2010

RIP Jamie

Avery has a older sister and brother. Their Mom and I have stayed in contact over the years after the kid's dad moved back to New York 3 years ago. We haven't talked to each other in a while and recently caught with with each other. She made plans to come to Avery's birthday party and I had just talked to her this week. Last night she called me, I didn't answer and sent a text saying I was on the phone and see what was up...I got a text back stating it was her brother and I needed to call her. He then called me right away and said that Jamie had passed away but didn't go into full details as to how she had died. I am sad that she passed away mainly because of the kids. They don't have a relationship with their Dad and now their Mom is gone I worry because I don't know what is going to happen with them, because I don't know if her parents have the ability to take care of them, does that mean if they can't get ahold of Dad they go into foster care? It's also an eye opener to me that if something does happen to me or Richard or both we need to have something set up to take care of the kids. Thankfully we have a big enough family that I know they will be well taken care of, these kids are not as lucky. I am going to the funeral tomorrow and I am hoping I can get a picture of the kids together. I will post any pictures that I get....RIP Jamie you will be missed

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yup He Loves His Daddy

Pretty sure the feeling is mutual...just a thought.....

26 Days.....

So I am sure you are getting sick of hearing more about this pregnancy but's MY BLOG! Ha! In case you didn't know my due date for this baby is the same date as Avery's due date and he came early, so if you go according to when Avery was born (March 26th) vs their due date I only have 26 days left of this pregnancy! My doctor wants me to stop taking my shots and meds at 34 weeks so I only have 3 shots left (Richard's giving me a shot tonight since he leave's for Wendover for work until Thursday night) 26 days that's crazy to think he could possibly be here that soon! Here's a picture of me taken today.
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