Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best Gift...EVER

So a few weeks back I got a package from my AWESOME friend. It was a box filled with chocolates! I know...awesome right? I kept them in the shipping box because then the kids don't realize the good stuff in it and eat it all before I could blink an eye. There were a lot of them so it took me a bit to eat them all (by the way Richard helped and ate more than I did)....The other day Richard was enjoying a tasty snack when he pulled out a small red package that said Merry Christmas. Odd.....I wonder what this is? I opened it and my mouth dropped. A necklace with my boy's names stamped on it. (like above but with my kid's names.) I tried to take a picture of it several times with 2 different camera's but they never turned out the way the one above does. I LOVE it! I have been looking at these online for a while wanting one but didn't feel like I could afford one. I can't thank Aubrey enough. The next day I found out that she MADE it for me. It made my necklace that much more special. I love it. Thank you Aubrey, you rock...I seriously can't thank you enough. It's 10 times better than a sponge!

Wordless Wednesday

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