Friday, March 27, 2009


So we got Richard Wedding ring the other day, we figured we would order it early in case of any issues that came up and boy am I glad we did! They messed up the order and it took probably another 2 weeks to get the ring...totally not the stores fault though! Anywho...Funny thing...Here are our two ring can almost fit INSIDE of his! I wear a size 5 1/2 and he wears a size 13 and in the picture my ring is a size 6...I am getting it re sized before the wedding.... so I'm sure once we do get my ring re sized it will fit inside of his...kinda funny if you ask me!

One Lucky BIG Boy!

So Avery had a WONDERFUL Birthday. He got to play with his Aunts and Uncles & Grandparents and Cousins, then we took him and got his pictures taken at the mall (A Tradition I do every year on his Birthday) then we went and got Ice cream with Grandma and Grandpa then he got to go eat dinner at about a lucky boy! Then afterwards he got to see the birthday gift Daddy & Mommy got him...New Transfomer bed sheets! He was in heaven! He LOVES them! I'm just so happy he's happy!
Avery Sitting On His New Bed Sheet! Transformers ROCK!
Avery Wearing His Birthday Hat

He Loves Being A Big Brother

Avery & Mom!

Avery & Dad

Wow I'm SHORT!

Ok the first picture has the wrong date the first picture was taken right before Avery turned 2 years ago...and the next picture was taken last night...look how much he has grown in 2 years! Holy crap he's going to be one tall kid! I'm going to take another picture again when he's 7 and see I'm think he will be about as tall as me! LOL Talk about odd! Trying to make your 7 year old what to do when your looking at him eye to eye!

Avery is 5!!!

Can you believe it? My Baby Boy is 5!!! It just seems like yesterday they were telling me ok it's time to push...I remember looking at Raquel and my Mom and saying I think they are serious!? I think it's really time! (They both gave me the ummm yeah duh look) 20 minutes later he was here! Now look at him! 5 Years ago and growing like a WEED! I'm so happy he is apart of our lives! Love ya Buddy!
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