Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1000 Word Wednesday

She loves this new to her toy! She thinks she's a big girl :)

First bath together, let's just say he was less than pleased, he covered himself and screamed get her OUT of the tub! Oh goodness!

She LOVES her brothers!!! 

Seeing all this snow depresses me on so many levels........It needs to be spring like last week!

Toby wanted to take a picture of me.....I am so pretty (says Toby! awe)

This is what happens when he doesn't nap :(

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Average Day For Me (Right Now)

Haha so true......sometimes I feel this would happen if I tried to get away

Alice comes to work with me on Saturdays I forgot her bumbo but we made it work still 

Just me and my favorite Falcon hat! 

I am a stubborn person. I am an OCD person. It's a bad combo. I have been told by my own husband that I need to quit being so OCD about my cleaning of the house. But I can't help it.

This is how my day goes as of right now. I am in need of a vacation so very badly! Anyone wanna join me in a run away? I wake up every morning saying I will go to the gym, and then reality hits and I don't want to get out of my bed. 

7:00 AM (Ish) I go downstairs and wake up Avery, he currently is sleeping in the room with Toby & Evan right now until we get his room finished (putting up walls etc) so he doesn't have his alarm clock in there so I sneak down and pull him out before the brothers wake up. 

I go back to sleep while Avery gets ready...............

7:45 AM As of lately I have been letting Richard take Avery to school in the mornings it's a huge blessing to let me sleep that much longer. We don't let Avery walk to school during the winter months

8:30 AM Finally wake up and crawl out of bed. As of lately Alice has been waking me up with her playing in the crib, talking and babbling. Sometimes I lay in bed just listening to her talk to herself, it makes me smile just listening to her. I get the other 2 boys awake and get them fed breakfast along with Richard some Breakfast and make his lunch for the day. 

9:15 AM Get Richard out the door for work and get going on my morning ritual of cleaning. 

1. Start laundry 
2. Vacuum the living room (dog hair about drives me bat crazy)
3. Sweep Kitchen & Stairs
4. Clean out cat box and take out any trashes 
5. Make Beds and clean up bedrooms as see fit
6. Clean bathrooms (I have 3 boys who are potty trained, it has to happen daily)
7. Put away any laundry that finishes up
8. Spot clean house as needed 

And as of late Alice has been attached to my hip while I do my chores which takes me longer to get everything done, but I don't mind as much seeing how cute she is and how much fun she is lately, talks to me giggles with me and all smiles, she and the boys really do make my days brighter. 

Around 11 I usually get finished up with everything. This is around the same time Alice is ready for her morning bottle/nap. I will usually sit down and relax with the kids and play with them or we watch a movie until I have to start work. At 11:30 I will go and get ready for the day, I still get dressed even though I don't go anywhere, keeps me in check that I am still human! I will then get the boys lunch ready so they can eat while I start work. Once the boys have eaten lunch I will put Evan down for a nap. 

Right now I am in training and 3 days a week I work from Noon-11PM some days towards the end of the night I will get to log out early because it is slow but like tonight I worked the full 11 hour shift. Some days drain me more than others, that's for sure.

During my lunch hour I will work on dinner for the night. And work on homework with Avery. During my breaks I usually will switch out laundry or put laundry away and take care of the kids IE wake up from naps, or needing of snacks.

Once work is finally done either 8pm or 11pm I will finish up whatever else that needs to be done. Laundry be put away, random crap that I couldn't finish during the day Take a shower and go to my comfy Pj's. Once I finish up everything I feel that needs to be done (according to my standards), I will watch some TV with Richard. Around 1 am (Ish) I finally cave and take my Ambien and go to sleep. Only to start over my never ending laundry cycle of life...................

I don't feel like I am a super Mom by any means. I feel like I need to do more with the boys, I miss being a stay at home Mom. I enjoy the fact I can work from home but I truly miss just taking the kids where I want when I want. I miss meeting up with family or friends when they come into town. But I love money, I love paying off my debt. I am so close to being debt free. It's a mind game I play with myself. Part of me just wants to keep pushing forward and things will pay off later down the road and the other part just wants to hold my babies and go play with them and say screw the money......a game I hate playing in my head but it happens almost daily. 

But for now I keep pushing forward. I keep doing what I know or feel is best for my family right now and that is becoming debt free. And somewhere in my crazy schedule of mine I am thinking about going to school for billing and coding? Yeah.......crazy I know but the job would allow me to work from home and not have to worry about my kids being quiet while I talk to a client on the phone. It would allow me to do my own hours so I could work a few hours in the morning and the at night after the kids have gone to bed. That appeals to me big time. Now I just need to come up with the money for the school and spend the next 6 months in my spare time to do the schooling. So you can only imagine as to why I haven't started it yet! 

I also work for my Mom's doctor's office on the side as well. Yes 3 jobs, on top of being a Wife & a Mother. I only work a few hours for them a week, mainly on Saturdays, but it's so nice to get out of the house. As of lately Saturdays have kinda become my day. I am saving up all my money I make with working for my Mom to go to Disneyland with the kids in June. I am so excited to go, these next few months need to fly by! 

So please tell me when I should squeeze in going back to the gym? I want to make it happen but part of me likes my lazy free time because it doesn't happen very often. And hard to believe but I really do love sleep! 

PS Please tell PCH they are welcome anytime to come knocking at my door! Just Sayin!
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