Saturday, October 17, 2009

Redneck Hamster Offspring!!

Soooo a few weeks back hamster mom Alexis went MIA from her cage, we are about 99.9999% sure Avery let her out because if she some how found a hole or opening of said cage all three would have gone missing and not just one! We tried and tried and TRIED to get Avery to tell us what he did to said Alexis but sadly he NEVER told us. So we have Hammie & Cliffdiver left over (Cliffdiver was child of Alexis & Hammie). Last Saturday I was still asleep when Richard came up and was telling me that Cliffdiver was a female, I was still half asleep when he was telling me this so I wasn't fully understanding why he was so excited to tell me that he discovered she was a female. About the 4th time of him saying Cliffdiver's a female I finally caught on. He was giving them food and he realized the top part of the cage was quite heavy so he started to look around the top to see why it was so heavy and discovered 5 babies! Yup that's right folks Hammie and his daughter Cliffdiver made sweet sweet Redneck love! Amazing these redneck offspring look just like normal offspring, who would have thunk? LOL anywho I went down tonight to see them and they have hair already! They are just so cute! There eyes aren't quite open but I will assume that will happen sometime this week. So I will probably post a AD in KSL here in a few weeks. Here are a few pictures of them. I can't believe how tiny they are!

Bachlorette Party!

I realized I never posted about my Bachlorette Party! Oops! We went to Olive Garden for dinner (YUMMY) and then Teazers afterwards, we danced our little hearts out and had an overall great time! I love my girls! Here are a few of the pictures we took! I think I need another girls night out!

Me & Jen My Love

Me, Stephy (behind me in Red) & Cami

Me & Stephy!

The Whole Gang!

Me & Cindy

Me & Cami

Cami & Brittney

Eat At Olive Garden...
Me & Anna

I Mean...Who WOULDN'T Wanna Marry Me?

Anna Me & Cami




Jen & Brittney...Brittney's Checking Out The Hot Waiter...!

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