Monday, November 30, 2009

Still In Total Shock!

Today is my super cute Hubby's birthday. He turned 29 today. We went to my baby doctors apt this morning. When we got to the doctors office we joked around about the baby's sex but said I was certain it was going to be a girl...the doctor even said from the start he thought it was a girl. So when he started up on the ultra sound.....he faced changed. He had a assistant with him and offered his assistant to tell the news......yup it looks like a boy....a WHAT!?! I then quickly looked at the screen and saw it as I have seen many of times.....something between those tiny little legs! Doctor said he's looking great and healthy. I have my next apt with the ultra sound lady who does all the checks of the baby see how's he's doing etc etc.....thing is? I didn't have ONE single boy name picked out, yes I was THAT certain it was a girl! Oh well right? 3 boys will be fun!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jello Jigglers!

We made Jello Jigglers tonight, it was so much fun! Toby wasn't really eating his, he mainly played with it aka made a huge mess for some ODD reason when you add heat to Jello it tends to melt...who would have thought?

What's Next....Christmas Cookies!!!

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