Sunday, December 28, 2008

How Cute Is This!

My cute!! Sister in law Cindy made this by hand for Toby, she sent it from California for Toby for Christmas. I couldn't believe it! It's so beautiful! I can't wait to hang it up on the wall! Thanks again Cindy!

Merry Christmas Everyone! It was a great holiday...except the fact that I'm sick now! Other than that it's was so fun spending time with the family......Toby loved opening his gifts not cause of the gifts themselves but the chance to eat the paper! We all had a great day.

So Much For Being Nice!!!

So Richard and I were watching a movie in our office late Christmas night and I heard a kitten cries so I paused the movie and went up stairs and looked outside (it was snowing a TON) but you could see small kitten prints leading up from our driveway to our office window and then I saw this small kitten. So Richard came out so we could try and catch it, we scared total accident and when I picked the kitten up it was none to happy with me, so I brought it downstairs to get it warm cause it was soaking wet just as I got downstairs I guess the kitten got even more scared and decided to bite me...and bite me she did!!! totally broke the skin didn't bleed to much but man alive did it hurt!!! We got her finally calmed down and we got a better look at her saw that she was fat and most likely happy at someones house and she was still uber pissed at us so we let her go again. My finger (left hand) on the other hand was none to happy it puffed up like a balloon to the point I could barley move it so I did some internet research...holy crap cat bites can be scary! So I woke up early the next morning and made an apt to see my doctor go updated my tetnus shot and gave me some meds I have to take for the next 5 days....ugh So much for being nice!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Tag!

Christmas Tag!

Wrapping paper or gift bags? Depends On The Gift If Its Going To Be Super Retarded To Try & Wrap I Then Do The Gift Bag!

Real tree or artificial? Artificial

When do you put up your tree? Usually The Weekend After Thanksgiving

When do you take your tree down? Usually New Years Weekend

Do you like eggnog? No

Favorite gift as a child? Cabbage Patch Kids

Do you have a nativity scene? No...Not Yet

Hardest person to buy for? Parents

Easiest person to buy for? Avery & Toby

Mail or e-mail christmas cards? Mail However This Year It's Going To Be New Years Cards Instead

Worst christmas gift you ever recieved? Not Getting One At All By The "BoyFriend" And Hearing A Lame Excuse As To Why He Didn't Get Me One

Favorite christmas movie? National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Have you ever recycled a gift? Yes

Favorite thing to eat at christmas time? Cookies!

Clear or colored lights on the tree? Clear

Clear or colored lights on the house? None This Year

Favorite christmas song? Silent Night

Travel @ christmas time or stay home? Going To Visit Family In The Local Area

Can you name all santas reindeer? Nope

Open presents on christmas eve or christmas day? Christmas Day

Most annoying thing about this time of year? 10 Million People At Wal Mart & Them Giving You An Annoyed Look Cause You Want To Go Down The Same Isle They Are Already IN?!?

Favorite ornament theme or color? Silver & Gold

What do you want for christmas this year? A Job For Richard!!!

What is your favorite christmas memory? Spending Time With The Family & Our Gift Exchange Party We Have Each Year!

I Tag...YOU!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Wow I can't believe how time has flown! It's been a year already that Toby's been apart of our lives? Crazy!!!! Here's some pictures of cute Tuby through the year.

It's Been A Great Year!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So this year Avery and I made a Gingerbread House! We had a blast, learned lot and I'm sure we will make an even better one next year! Toby helped he sat there and ate chocolate!

Richards Birthday!

So Richards Birthday I made him a Cowboys blanket...needless to say HE LOVES IT!!!! I already have requests from his brothers to make them one!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Then & Now

Ha! Here ya go Jen....And I Tag.....Everyone Who Reads This! Go Go Start Blogging!

20 years ago: 1. I Was Living In Tennessee 2. I Just Gotten Baptized 3. I Lived On Top Of A Huge Mountain.

10 years ago: 1. I Had Just Started My Senior Year Of High School 2. I Was Working At Acres Market 3. My Favorite Thing To Do Was Sleep In On The Weekends...Still Is!!!

5 years ago: 1. I Had Just Found Out I Was Having A Boy 2. I Was Working At AOL 3. Lived With A Bunch Of Friends In Roy

3 years ago: 1.I Had Just Moved Home From Las Vegas 2. I Learned It Was OK And Things Would Be Getting Better 3. I Was Not Working!

1 year ago: 1. I Had Just Gone On Best Rest And It Hurt SOOO Much To Just MOVE Soooo Big And Preggo With Toby! 2. I Was Living In Layton 3. I Loved Playing WOW With Richard...Still Do

So far this year: 1. Enjoyed Turning Into A Family 2. Bought A House 3. Got Engaged!!!

Yesterday: 1. I Worked 2. Spent Time With My Richard 3. Went To The Store

Today: 1. I Was Up Until Almost 6AM (Thanks COLD!) 2.Slept On The Couch And Watched A Movie With My Boys 3. Went To The Store & Bought Dr Pepper For Stryder!!!

Tomorrow: 1. I Will Watch Football With Richard 2. Feed My Kids 3. Do Laundry!!!

Next year: 1. Do Some Serious Work On My Yard 2. Get My Butt Into Serious Gear About Getting Down To Size 6 Jeans Again 3. Get Married!!!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cousin Love!

As we drove home I realized we were going to be passing through Reno around dinner time and my lovely cousin and her family lives in Reno and I haven't seen her since she was pregnant with Riley so I called her up and met their family for dinner! We had fun catching up and seeing Riley...he is just so CUTE!!!! He's a almost a year older than Toby but not than much bigger! He has such a fun personality. I can't wait to see them again!! Love ya Mel!

Me & My Baby!!!

I can't believe how much he looks like me!!! Here is a picture taken right before he drove heads first into his cake.

Birthday Time!

So Richards Birthday is November 30, His Mom's is December 5th & Toby's 13th So we decided to wish them all a happy birthday and let Toby have a hay day with his cake! As you can see he really enjoy it!!!

All Done!! And Very Messy!!

Thanksgiving Time....

We Drove 13 each way to Suprise Richards Mom for Thanksgiving. We were out there for a week, had a fun time but so happy to be home again! So was kitty!!! Here are some pictures of our little Adventure!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Avery enjoying his Capri Sun
Toby with his many toys to play with

Yup! So happy to drive

I liked this building

Awwwww Tender
L2R Robbie & Anna, Richard & Me, Rudy & Cindy, Eric & Mari & Mom in front

Richard and his brothers & sister on his Mom's Side it goes L2R
Robbie, Richard, Rudy, Eric, Felicia, Mom & Emily

Robbie, Richard, Rudy, Eric & Mom

Aunt Cindy & Toby

Mom & Grandkids L2R Avery, Chris, Jake, Angel, Mom, Toby & Elijah

Fefe, 17 Week Prego With Her Son Jesse Due May 2

Where should I put my hands....I Know! In Cindy's Pocket!!!

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