Saturday, November 7, 2009

Less Than Happy

I am less than happy with Weber School district at the moment. I swear my child can't go a month without having a day off or getting out early, ON TOP of the weekly early days of Wednesdays. Seriously? Not every Mom is a stay at home Mom and can just come and get their children whenever you decide to let them off for the day or out early. For example. Next week they get out early on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday for parent teacher conferences (as I recall back when I was in school they happened at NIGHT) then they get out for Thanksgiving break Wednesday, Thursday & Friday...again when I was in school you only got Thursday & Fridays off. And for Christmas break they get the Monday (Jan 4) off as well. WHY? They have had since December 23rd off they can come back Monday!? It drives me nuts, as I look through the calendar there is NOT a single month where they go the full month without a day off early or off totally! And they wonder why our kids aren't getting better grades? Mmmm I wonder!!!!!!!!! Speak of grades I got Avery's "report" card on Friday, yes my kindergartner gets a report card. It states he's at "grade" level and for the most part it looks good except a few I'm none to pleased about, mainly because Richard I and remember Kindergarten being Macaroni art & taking naps. On a grade scale of 1-4 one being the lowest and 4 being the highest he mostly has 4's and a few 3's but the one that bothers me the most he got a 2 on and it's "prints letters correctly" and I thinking that's just a lot for a 5 year old? He can spell his name and you can understand it, I think that's pretty good, but according to the teacher it's not! Blah.....Maybe I'm making to much of it but I think it's a tad to much for someone who's been in school a 2 1/2 months. He's got many years ahead of him, so I'm not worried, more ticked...Maybe if he was in school more often he wouldn't have a low mark in letter writing! Booooo

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween At Work!

Steve With...Hair!!!!! (normally keeps it shaved) I Love the nerdy glasses)

Denny, Lexi & Sophie!

Super Awesome Tori!

Alyssa & Her Awesome Costume!

Creepy Andy!

Half Man...Half Horse...No This Is Not A Costume!

Matt & His Creepy Eyes!!!!!

Casey & Her Awesome Eyes & Hair!

We had a Halloween Party at my work on Oct 30th (yes I'm just a slacker and just now posting the pictures) Here are a few of the pictures of some co workers costumes. I wish I could have gotten more though! We had a fun time and Avery got more candy than I'd care to let him have in a years time let alone just for halloween! He had a blast. I went walking around with Bryan & Lisa & their kids Ty & Drew and all three of their bags BROKE that's how much candy they got! We had a blast! I wish I would have gotten some pictures of the kids going around to the different desks, but I didn't think of it until it was over...sigh...way to go me!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Organizing Toby!

This is my organizer Toby. He LOVES to go through my mini storage area and "organize" it for me. He's been doing it for a long time I just finally was near my camera to capture my obsessive lil boy!

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