Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Long Time Ago!

This was taken...ages ago! This was taken May ish of 1988! I was only 8 years old. This was right before I moved from New Jersey to Tennessee. I am at the top in pink on my left in purple is my friend Erin and next to her is Katie. The 2 on my right I can't remember their names but I do remember they were sisters. Kinda makes me feel old cause Avery isn't to far away from being the age I was in this picture!

4 Month Old Evan!

Evan is 4 month's old already? Nooooooooooo he's growing up to quickly! He looks so much like Toby did when he was his age, I kept calling him Toby the other day, oops!

Grasshopper Fireworks

Look at Avery's face...priceless!

On Sunday we headed down to West Jordan to visit with my Sister and brother in law's. It was Crissy's birthday the next day. Chris & Crissy just bought their house so they don't have a backyard yet, they had grasshoppers all over, the kids put a ton of them in a box and kept the top shut, then they opened it up and they all went everywhere they called it grasshopper fireworks, it was really funny. I love the picture of Avery he has the craziest face, he was laughing cause he caught one! Crazy boys....

Bear Lake

I love this picture of my cute cute BOYS!

We went to Bear Lake the end of July for Hendrickson family yearly reunion. We ended up only going up there for the day it started to rain like crazy that evening so we booked it out of there and headed back to the farm. We had a blast. We played in the water all day with the kids (Evan was with his Aunt's and Uncles at the camp ground). Me and Toby got a little burned but Avery just got tanner...dang him! It was so much fun! I can't wait to take the next year when Evan is walking around. I want to go up and spend a full weekend there. I forgot how BLUE the water is up there...it is so so pretty. The one thing I didn't get was a raspberry milkshake...I am so sad I didn't, those are soooooo yummy! But by the time we got to down it was down pouring and the kids were passed out, I didn't feel like getting soaked to the bone to eat something cold...oh well there is always next time, I am hoping to go up there the end of this month for my family reunion on the 21st!

Monday, August 9, 2010


I have been slacking on my posts mainly because my stupid SD card decided to up and quit on me! Had a bunch of pictures and no way to upload them to any computer in the house! I was finally able to find the camera cable and now I can upload! Guess I will be getting a new SD card! I will be making some posts here probably tomorrow at work when I have more time. It's late and I have to be up at 3:30 AM to do my paper route soooooooooo yeah...Here's a random cute picture of my Toby!

Game Swap!

Game Swap Button

Ya! Mamarazzi strikes again with a Game swap! I got my package today from Kim! I was so happy! There are lot of fun games I haven't tried before! I am looking forward to having fun game nights! Thanks again Mamarazzi! I am hoping you will do another one here soon! They are so much fun!

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