Saturday, July 23, 2011


Only seems like yesterday that I took these pictures......what a handsome little boy I have! Sure am lucky to have him!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Confessionals


I Confess...........

That my tooth/head has been really hurting me the past 2 days and I fear I am going to need yet another root canal (I've had like 7 of them already.....kid you not) and I don't have the best dental insurance....argh........

I Confess..........

My AWESOME friend Ruben got a job at my old job that I just quit. He took the place of my Boss. I so wish I had someone to watch the kids just so I could go work with him again. Ya...He's THAT awesome.

I Confess...........

I had family in town last weekend and it was REALLY good to see them. My cousin Maryann and her 2 kids and her Mom were here. We played card games and ate junk food with them and a few other cousins. It was awesome! I miss playing cards with my family and plan to do it again soon!

I Confess..............

Some family members say that they don't let their kids watch TV at all. I'm glad they don't let their kids......but sorry when I need a time out, a DVD will be going into the DVD player and let them veg! Sometimes I need a break from them as much as they need a break from me!

I Confess...........

I don't like letting my kids play outside during the day it's just to dang hot!

I Confess.........

My head is really hurting right now I think I need a nap! Evan's napping at the other 2 are watching a movie........ahhh yes that sounds perfect right now!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Day In The Life Of Avery Benjamin

This is my handsome man. He is my big helper and loves his brothers very much. I love how calm he is most of the time...most unless you don't give him a balloon from the North Ogden parade then he will have a total melt down. He is a lot like his Daddy! Love him lots!

Breakfast time! I love cereal with yogurt and some juice!

Dressed and ready to go. Buzz to the rescue!

Mom will let me play the PS2 every once in a while! I love to play football and racing games

After I took a nap (a much needed one) Evan and I ate our lunch in Mom & Dad's room, a real treat, and watched a movie

I love hanging out at home and relaxing with my brothers!

Evan is my buddy I am trying to teach him how to walk

Every afternoon Mom has me work on my homework. I love to do Math and writing

Heading to the mall to help Auntie with her broken down truck!

Here's Daddy working on the truck!

Me & Toby got to run around the parking lot while Dad fixed the truck

I loved watching them work on it thankfully it was an easy fix

Today was national lollypop day! Mom stopped and got us some rootbeer ones from See's Chocolates!

Me & Toby playing around waiting for dinner

We had Hot Dogs and noodles and green beans! Yum!

Bath time! It's a little cramped in here!

Mom has taken about a million pictures of us today....and yet I still look super excited!

Toby's not so thrilled for yet more pictures to be taken

Here we are getting ready to watch Rango....Evan didn't last long however me and Toby did!

Mmmmm Rootbeer is my favorite!

Me & my silly Mommy!

A Day In the Life Of Toby Bryce

My little middle, Toby Bryce. He is my hard headed 3 1/2 year old. Don't try to make this child do something he doesn't want to do! I love my little middle more than any chicken nugget or hot dog in this world!

Ya! It's breakfast time! Don't even think about putting milk in my cereal bowl, I might freak out a lot if you try to.

All dressed and ready for the day! I am pottied trained now we are working on dressing myself....why dress myself when Mom or Dad will do it for me?

Sometimes I like to just hang out by myself. Mom let us sleep in the living room last night. Just hanging out watching a movie while brothers played together.

I was uber cranky today for some reason. Mom made all of us take a nap. Not before I freaked out and screamed for 15 minutes straight. I am just waking up here.

Lunch was a little late today! Mom was nice enough and let me have lunch in her room while we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Dad's Auntie car broke down by the Mall so we are waiting for Daddy so we can go help her out

Ya for car rides!

Daddy helping Auntie

Us hanging out in the parking lot for a bit

Today was national Lollypop day at See's Chocolates of course we had to stop and get some!

I love to wrestle with Avery here I am acting like a baby monkey!

Yum! Dinner! I actually ate this! I did throw a huge fit about not eating my green beans. If looks could kill, I'd be dead after the looks Mom and Dad gave me!

After Dinner it's time for bath!

Clean and ready for bed!

This is my Epic Face!

Evans a little crazy sometimes, I wonder about him........

See! Seeeeee my neck???

I swear Mom you take another picture of me I'm going to rip my own eyes out! least Avery's happy about it!

Ohhhh Lollypop! I guess you can take my picture to show off my awesome rootbeer sucker.....

Mom was nice enough to let us watch a movie (Rango) and sleep in the living room again. 2 nights in a row? Ya she's awesome!

Me & the crazy lady that followed me around all day with the dang camera....good thing she feeds me...........

A Day In The Life Of Evan Shaffer

This is an average day for Evan. Nothing fancy just Evan being his cute 15 month old self. He keeps me on my toes that is for sure! Sure do love this little boy!

Awake! (no he doesn't sleep in our bed) this was taken right after I woke up and I have a fresh diaper on!

Hanging out with Daddy before he has to go to work. Boooooo

I Love my breakfast! However my mom isn't happy I refuse to let her feed me :(

Gotta love watching babies play while I eat! Listening to Baby Einstein music while I eat will make me smarter!

Yes! Finally dressed!

I love to play in my car
or climb all over it as well!

I was a tad (very!) cranky, I went down for my nap a little early

Even being woke up early from my nap (thanks brothers) I'm still happy to have lunch!

Look! I found Daddy's flip flops!

I love hanging out with my brother Avery

Gotta find the right toy....have a lot of toys to choose from!

There is it! My soccer ball!

Helping Mommy make her bed after she washed the sheets

I had SO much fun that I threw up (true story ewww I know)

This is what happens when someone goes into the bathroom without me......I bang on the door!

Going for a car ride! Ya!

Went to help Auntie fix her truck (she's holding me)

Came home and played with daddy's tools

Time for dinner! Yummmmmmm

Ya for baths! I love taking baths!

So fresh! So clean!

Me & Toby are so silly, playing in Mom & Dad's room after our bath

Brothers !

Watching a movie with the brothers, however I only lasted about 10 minutes before I became uber cranky and it was time for me to go to bed

Ahhh yes a bottle and my huge pillow and blanket...night......

Mom...your so crazy!!!!
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