Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Day In The Life Of Avery Benjamin

This is my handsome man. He is my big helper and loves his brothers very much. I love how calm he is most of the time...most unless you don't give him a balloon from the North Ogden parade then he will have a total melt down. He is a lot like his Daddy! Love him lots!

Breakfast time! I love cereal with yogurt and some juice!

Dressed and ready to go. Buzz to the rescue!

Mom will let me play the PS2 every once in a while! I love to play football and racing games

After I took a nap (a much needed one) Evan and I ate our lunch in Mom & Dad's room, a real treat, and watched a movie

I love hanging out at home and relaxing with my brothers!

Evan is my buddy I am trying to teach him how to walk

Every afternoon Mom has me work on my homework. I love to do Math and writing

Heading to the mall to help Auntie with her broken down truck!

Here's Daddy working on the truck!

Me & Toby got to run around the parking lot while Dad fixed the truck

I loved watching them work on it thankfully it was an easy fix

Today was national lollypop day! Mom stopped and got us some rootbeer ones from See's Chocolates!

Me & Toby playing around waiting for dinner

We had Hot Dogs and noodles and green beans! Yum!

Bath time! It's a little cramped in here!

Mom has taken about a million pictures of us today....and yet I still look super excited!

Toby's not so thrilled for yet more pictures to be taken

Here we are getting ready to watch Rango....Evan didn't last long however me and Toby did!

Mmmmm Rootbeer is my favorite!

Me & my silly Mommy!

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