Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Day In The Life Of Evan Shaffer

This is an average day for Evan. Nothing fancy just Evan being his cute 15 month old self. He keeps me on my toes that is for sure! Sure do love this little boy!

Awake! (no he doesn't sleep in our bed) this was taken right after I woke up and I have a fresh diaper on!

Hanging out with Daddy before he has to go to work. Boooooo

I Love my breakfast! However my mom isn't happy I refuse to let her feed me :(

Gotta love watching babies play while I eat! Listening to Baby Einstein music while I eat will make me smarter!

Yes! Finally dressed!

I love to play in my car
or climb all over it as well!

I was a tad (very!) cranky, I went down for my nap a little early

Even being woke up early from my nap (thanks brothers) I'm still happy to have lunch!

Look! I found Daddy's flip flops!

I love hanging out with my brother Avery

Gotta find the right toy....have a lot of toys to choose from!

There is it! My soccer ball!

Helping Mommy make her bed after she washed the sheets

I had SO much fun that I threw up (true story ewww I know)

This is what happens when someone goes into the bathroom without me......I bang on the door!

Going for a car ride! Ya!

Went to help Auntie fix her truck (she's holding me)

Came home and played with daddy's tools

Time for dinner! Yummmmmmm

Ya for baths! I love taking baths!

So fresh! So clean!

Me & Toby are so silly, playing in Mom & Dad's room after our bath

Brothers !

Watching a movie with the brothers, however I only lasted about 10 minutes before I became uber cranky and it was time for me to go to bed

Ahhh yes a bottle and my huge pillow and blanket...night......

Mom...your so crazy!!!!


Miss Angie said...

This was way cute!

Mary said...

Thanks! I thought of an idea to do a day of what I do.....see how much "work" I do in a day LOL

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