Friday, September 19, 2008

What Do You Think?

I got a hair cut!!! Yup that's right I chopped off 10 inches of hair! So what do you think? I took a picture of me with and without my glasses!

Cousin Love!

This is Avery & his cousins Hugh! This was taken over Mother's day weekend, my sister in law Meagan just sent it to me. They are 6 weeks apart in age, and love to play with each other, sadly Hugh & his family moved to Missouri but I'm sure we will still be able to see them from time to time!

Mmmmmmm Pumpkin Pie........

I can't believe he is already 9 months old! Time sure has flown by fast! I found this onesie at good ole Wal-Mart and couldn't pass it up! He looks so darn cute! A co-worker of mine Dennis says he looks like a good pumpkin pie to eat! I Think I Will Keep Him Away From Dennis For A Bit.....

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