Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby Number 3 Ultra Sound Pictures

Here are a few pictures of Baby number 3...and for the record we have a name for him now, we have changed it...again...but this name we have picked out now is golden, we actually have a middle name as well, the first name we could never agree on a middle name. The orignal name we had picked out was Gabriel. I wanted the middle name Joshua (after my cousin Joshua), but this is how HUGE his name would have been....Gabriel Joshua Hendrickson...that's HUGE! This new name we agreed upon is a little better! Funny thing? The first name is the name my Mom wanted to name my brother and the girl name was the name she wanted to name Me...except we didn't know this until after we told her! I am keeping it a secret until a later date....I will keep you posted!!!!

He's holding his hands together above his head with his mouth wide open
Oopps..Sorry...I just farted a little....Do you see the bubbles by my calf?

Awwww he has cubby cheeks already!

Toby's Newest Trick

This is Toby's newest trick...getting into bed all by himself, funny part? He has yet to discover he can get OUT of the crib pretty much the same way! I'm OK with him not realizing this part for a long long LONG time, with me getting bigger by the day it makes it a tad bit harder to pick up a wiggly 2 year old to put in the crib so I was quite happy when I realized he can do this! He will be moving to a bed like Avery's right before the baby is born! So sometime in the next 13 weeks...

Random Animals

We were in the living room watching some movies, and Molly decided to take a nap...on Richard! She was snoring loudly as well, but my video was really dark. In the first picture was taken after Richard moved so she went and sat by the tree and fell back to sleep, sigh a random picture!

This was taken New Years Eve...we did nothing...litterly...with kids in the next room and me being 6 months preggo and trying to relax from our trip neither of us were to doing anything, so we watched movies and relaxed with Jinx (the kitten) I bought myself some sparkling cider...white grape flavored...and might I say it was GROSS! I took a few sips, and I couldn't take any more, Jinx however wanted to try some....

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

2009...It's been a great year. Made some new friends, lost some friends(discovered people who cause drama aren't friends after all), got Married to my best friend, got preggers with my 3rd boy, acquired a dog for Richard for Valentines day (Molly) then got her a friend to keep her company in May (Betty) realized that anyone who walks into Chuck E Cheese willingly is plain crazy! Watch my boys grow and discover alot of new things, like Avery's first day of school & losing his first tooth, Toby learning how to walk and also learning how to open up doors and walking in to join you when you are using the restroom. Realized that headaches are the WORST, and feel for people who have to deal with them on a regular basis. Went on my first cruise thanks to my Mom & Terry and enjoyed spending time with my family. I am happy, life might not be perfect but at least I have someone beside me to enjoy this surprising life that lays ahead of me...Here's to an even better next year!

Bath Time!

Guess my kids don't like to wait while the tub is filling up! The first one is when Avery was almost 2 and the 2nd on was taken last night when Richard was getting the tub ready, but not fast enough for Toby so he hopped in when Richard went to get some Pj's for him! I was doing the same thing for Avery when he decided I was taking to long.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random Cruise Pictures....

Enjoying Our Last Vacation Day!
My Cute Hubby!
Me...6 Months Preggers!

Towel Animals!

Every night while we were at dinner they would come in and turn our beds down leave a mint and make a towel animal! So simple but yet so COOL! Here are the different animals we got! I love how the simple things in life make me giddy!

Catalina Island

Here are some pictures of us taken at Catalina Island....parents didn't notice the shadow until AFTER we took the pictures then we moved! Still overall we got some good pictures of us! Can ya tell I'm kinda preggers? 6 months as of Sunday matter of fact! These pictures were taken on Christmas Day.

Our First Cruise...But NOT Our Last!

We had a blast! For being our first cruise it was perfect to get an idea as to how they run and know what we do and do not want to do for our next cruise! I didn't get to many pictures. We did see some dolphins! I was sooo excited! I was quite mad that I didn't have my camera or close enough to touch them! Sigh...Oh well there is always next vacation...eta Summer of 2011! On our first day we went to Catalina island, it was pretty fun to walk around, we went on a glass bottom boat tour but most of fish appeared to be grey! It was still fun though. On our second day we were in Enseneada Mexico and we went on a wine tour (no calm down I didn't drink any!) but it was super fun to go on the tour of the back country, the tour guide however I could have lived without! The woman would not SHUT UP! Then we SLOWLY moved our way back to California. It wasn't really sunny but the weather was sooooo nice compared to normal Utah December weather! I loved it! My next trip however we will be going in the summer of warm warm get a nice new tan type weather! Monday we got off the boat early Monday morning and got to spend the rest of the day at LAX. Finally got home and I was passed out by 9pm. Such a wonderful Christmas! It was so good to spend time with Ben, not that I didn't enjoy spending time with my Mom & Terry, I just see them ALL the time, I don't hardly ever get to see Ben. Then Today we went and got the boys, I missed them so much!!!

Waiting To Port Out...Some Of The Freeloaders Of The Trip

Long Beach...Very Pretty

Catalina Island

Us On The Glass Bottom Boat Tour

The Vineyards In Mexico..So Pretty There!

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