Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last Shot!!!! Up Next? Baby!!!

This is my shot & the vile of progesterone and my Nifedipine
Richard getting the shot ready

All done! Yay!!!!!! No more shots!

Yup Yup I am a total geek......and I don't care!

So tonight I got my final progesterone shot! And as of today I no longer take my Nifedipine pills! The progesterone will be in my system for a week. What it does it prevents contractions from coming so this time next week my body will most likely start to contract more because I won't be getting my shot and the fact that I am no longer taking my Nifedipine pills either I will be having alot of contractions! I don't know when he will come but he could still easily come on Avery's birthday! Everyone says that it wouldn't be fair for Avery but I think it would be cool! I am happy whatever day he decides to come AFTER the 25th of March. As much as I complain about being uncomfortable each day he's in my belly is 2 less days he would be in the NICU! So I will just put up for it longer! He still moves around ALOT, as I type it feels like he is opening and shutting his hands. Keeping my fingers crossed, I am so excited to NOT have a NICU baby to be able to have anyone and everyone come up and visit us up at the hospital! I will keep you all posted!!!!

Me & My Kids....

In the first picture is me and Avery, I wanted to show how tall he is compared to me, now I stand a whole 5'3 and he's only 5 (basically 6) and see how tall he is? I will take a picture of him on his birthday and compare it to the picture from last year and see how much he has grown. The next picture I wanted to get a picture of me and both boys, but as you can see Toby wasn't having any of the picture taking fun, yes I am a mean Mom and still made him be apart of the picture even though he's throwing a huge fit! I was laughing...that's cause I'm such a meanie! hahahahahahahaha.....
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