Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nothing Better To Do? Hang Out At SSA!

So since I got married and all, I get to change my last name from Mower to Hendrickson (go me!) so I took off a little early yesterday before my dr apt to go and get it changed at the Social Security Office, I got there around 11:40 Ish, and a few moments later a co worker and his new wife walked in to join in my fun. In the waiting room there were about 20 people in there. When I got there 3 of the 4 windows were open. About 20 minutes later all four windows were up and running. I thought great! I will get out of here quite quickly! Boy was I wrong! They were calling out 2 sets of numbers Window D (they were numbered A-D) was calling out low numbers in the range of 85-95 and a second set of numbers ranging from A170's, my number was A178 & Pete's was A182. They started to call out the numbers and some people were not there so they were getting closer to my number! Yes! Then they got to the number before mine....woohoo! I'm Next!!!! So I joked with Pete & his wife that a window was going to close and they would revent back to the lower number calling. Guess what?!? Guess I got what I asked for because soon after that Window C who the WHOLE entire time I had been there had been helping this oh so special lady who was demanding money as soon as special lady walked away she closed her window....UGH! Then not 2 minutes later the lady at Window A closed her window! Ok, I was like no big deal I was next in line!?! Right!?! Wrong! Window B called the next number and it was number 92!?!?! So for the NEXT 40 minutes I sat there, next in line....but they kept calling out the lower numbers!?! So not fair! I ended up having to leave because I needed to make it to my baby dr apt so I had to go, So before I left I gave my ticket to Pete & his wife to try and save them time, this morning I talked with Pete and he said they called my number like 10 minutes later! Ugh! Guess I get to go back for round number 2! I'm sure that it will be just as fun as the last time!
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