Saturday, March 21, 2009


So alot of people don't know we have a roommate, he's been living with us since June of last year. Mainly why people don't know is because when they come over he's usually asleep (he works graves). He and I went to High School many many years ago and has been Richard's friend for a long time and they have been roommates before. He's awesome with the kids and he's even warmed up to the animals! He's a great roommie & friend! Here are some pictures of him (he recently had a photo shoot done).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Awwww My Poor Baby!

So Avery has a habit of crying wolf to get out of things he doesn't want to do....IE cleaning up his toys....miraculous he has a headache and needs to go lay down....or he all the sudden has a stomach ache when its time for dinner and it's not something he loves to eat so the other day he told our roommate that it hurt when he went pee....and Stryder told us so we went and asked him why he didn't tell us and he responded with cause Stryder was there? And shrugged his shoulders like gosh Mom what's your deal? So we asked if it still hurt and he was like well sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't and then the next morning he said it didn't hurt anymore so I thought meh no biggie and went on my merry way but then I started to notice he was peeing the bed EVERY night and that's not like him at ALL and then he went to my Mom's and spend the night Saturday and she said they went bowling and about every 30 mins he was having to go pee which isn't like him at all either and suggested that I made an apt for him. So my plan was to make the apt on Monday and on Sunday Avery came in proudly from the bathroom Mom! There was blood in my huh! Ummmmm no NOT cool! And I asked if it hurt when he went pee and he gave me that gosh yes mom answer but didn't seem to care that it did. So I called the doctor office first thing this morning and she had an apt at 6:40 that night......(thank goodnesss for long hour offices!) So we took him in and the doctor said that little boys who's never had a UTI before (if they get them they usually get them when they are a baby) the chances of getting one is 1 in 100,000! Talk about the odds! So she put him on some meds 2 a day for the next 10 days and we go back in to see what else to do because little boys just don't get them and so she wants to set him up an apt with a specialist as well to figure out why he got it....awww my poor baby!

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