Thursday, March 11, 2010

So When Will Baby Number 3 Arrive?

I posted something on my Facebook asking people when they think Baby Boy number 3 will come, and I got A LOT of guesses! I spoke with my doctor's office this morning and at least for the next 2 weeks we are good to go that the baby will NOT come (99.9% sure at least) but that doesn't mean I don't get contractions! I am trying to wein (spelling?) myself off of the Nifedipine this week because as of Sunday, March 14th my doctor wants me to go cold turkey and stop taking it all together. It's a medicine I take once every 6 hours, and I have been doing so since I was 26 weeks, so my body is quite use to the pills, so the only time I do take them this week is when the pain starts to get to much for me to week however.....yeah.....and this up coming Sunday I take my final shot! Yay!!!!! The shot will be in my system for a week, so starting the 21st of March I have a feeling I will not be the best mood...just giving people heads up! Anywho here are the guess's from my facebook posting. I wanted to post it that way I didn't lose the piece of paper with all the dates. If you didn't post anything on my Facebook but want to take a guess leave me a comment and I will update here as well. More than one person can guess on a day. Whoever wins will get a prize, nothing huge but it's been fun seeing all the guess's! Here is the list so far. Also just as an FYI the way we got Toby to give us a date was we put a calendar in front of him and he pointed to a date...Also FYI my due date is still currently April 25th. And as of yesterday he weighs 4lbs and 8oz, and I was 33 weeks and 3 days yesterday! Oh and the prize is NOT to keep the baby....Just in case your wondering...and yes I was asked that already!!! As of Today....45 Days Left!!!!

Richard-April 6th
Me-April 1st
Avery-March 30th
Toby-April 25th
Uncle Ben-March 26th
Chelsea Neilsen-April 3rd
Melanie Lehnen-April 10th
Aunt Lori-April 2nd
Christi Zook-April 9th
Melanie Barker-April 7th
Heather Leavitt-April 5th
Aunt Traci-April 8th
Allison Herring-April 15th
Grandma Nadine-March 28th
Grandpa Todd-April 12th
Zach Lyle-April 17th
Sarah Lyle-April 14th
Rochelle Jensen-April 2nd
Emily Green-April 7th
Holly Moreno-April 11th
Julie Smith-March 30th
Cami Campbell-April 15th
Kayla Brooks-April 13th
Matt McKinley-April 3rd
Julie Emer-April 17th
Royce Turner-April 3rd
Annette Reese-April 1st
Alexis Schlaikjer-April 11th
Stephanie Loscher-March 26th
Alyssa Thompson-April 20th
TC Walls-April 13th
Angie Golish-April 18th
Steve Tipton-April 1st

Lindsay Cloyd-April 4th
Aunt Emmy-April 15th
Aunt Mari-April 6th
Mike Jaramillo-April 3rd
Brandi Runnoe-April 16th
Taylor Brimhall-April 8th
Aunt Ashley-April 16th

Aunt Fefe-April 20th
Aunt Krystle-April 20th
Uncle Virgil-April 9th
April Moody-April 15th

Cousin Jill-April 26th (Meanie!)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Favorite Items Swap!!!

The gifts I got
Toby wanted to help me open the gifts
This is what I got!!!

So I got my favorite swap gift today! It was like opening yup birthday gifts! I am excited to know if she has gotten my gifts yet and if she liked them or not, I loved my gifts! Lots of yummy treats! I so can't wait to do this again! Here is a list of what I got & why she sent the items.

Peanut M&M's
Bottle Caps
"I have a enormous sweet tooth & these are some of my favorite sweet treats"

Burts Bee's Chapstick

"Utah is very dry-(as you know) these are some of my favorite moisturizers"
"A couple of my favorite ways to beautify"

Charlie & Chocolate Factory Dvd

"I love movies & this is one of my favorites"

Bag (really cool bag she makes)

"I make these, and they are one of my favorite things to create. I hope you like it"

Newborn Baby Boy Outfit
Matchbox Cars

"Something so your boys aren't feeling left out."

I love the items! I love the new bag and I thought it was very thoughtful to think of Avery & Toby for after the baby is born, I am sure both will have to adjust! The candy is the best...I LOVE them all! Yummy!!!!! I too have a sweet tooth!

Thank you soo very much! I can't wait to hear from you and see if you like the items I sent you!!!

Big Boy Bed!

Toby has been in his big boy bed for a while now I just keep forgetting to take a picture of it. He has switched to the big boy bed from the crib just fine! He stays in the bed all night and during nap time! It's awesome! I would about die if he decided to wonder around after I put him down. Thankfully he hasn't mastered the door open but even if he did I put a gate up by the door before the stairs...just in case! Avery wanted me to take a picture of his bed to show off his awesome Transformer sheets....He LOVES them still!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Papa Mower

These boys sure do love their Papa!!


This is what the animals like to do when they are in the office with us. The cat is sleeping on a envelope I had just thrown away he grabbed it out of the garbage and then decided to take a nap on it...The dogs above decided to play nice and take a nap on top of each other. This is very rare for them to be this nice so I decided to take a picture of them. Normally they are running around the house like crazy animals!
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