Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Kiddies!

I am such a slacker Mom...I totally kept putting off getting Avery's costume for Halloween until like YESTERDAY!?!? He kept saying he wanted to be a Transformer for Halloween (no real suprise there) and I wasn't about to pay 40 Plus bucks for one, so I was going to have him be a Army Boy (since we have MORE than enough Army gear laying around the house) but while I was in the store last night I found a Transformer Jumpsuit in his size, I about pee'd my pants I was so happy! I bought him some read face paint and red hair dye to match the outfit. He was in HEAVEN! He thought he was the coolest! I put some of the red dye in Toby's hair as well this morning his hair didn't take near as much as Avery's did to show the red...wonder why?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sigh....I Must Be Getting Old

I saw this news report on KSL today and I was quite upset with it. Not only at the kids but more so at the parents. Mainly because if you read the article it states that the parents plan on fighting the charges? Are you kidding me? No I'm sorry but I believe the kids should pay the fines and I hope the judge makes them too. The reason I feel this way because the kids were being VERY disrespectful towards the McDonald's employees and causing them not to be able to do their job properly, even after the employee and the manager asked them several times nicely to speak their order. They were rude and kept requesting their order in "rap". If this happened to my kids I would say look you did some very rude, they ASKED you more than once to speak your order and if you couldn't respect them to do so, making their job's even more difficult then yes they had every right to call the cops and the police officers deemed to write up tickets and guess what? You NOW have a fine to pay, and on top of that, we are going to go BACK to that McDonald's and you are going to apologize to the manager and the employee you were rude to. The parents that are saying oh we are going to fight it are basically saying to their kids, hey go ahead and be rude to people and it's OK. Nope sorry my kids will NOT be raised like that and if they try to do something like that well sorry you will be punished.
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