Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Handmade For YOU Swaparoo!

Oh my goodness.......these cup cakes were SO DANG GOOD!!!!

Cute little book mark

This is AWESOME it's a like a beach bag! I LOVE IT!

Cute Purse!

Awesome Apron! I love the pockets!

This is late posting......I went to post it but it was the night the site was down...booooo then I kept forgetting to do it! Blah! VERY sorry about that!

Ok....I LOVED my gifts! My awesome swap person Jen....check out her blog...for some reason my menu buttons on blogger won't work...http://jenandtheboys.blogspot.com/

The first gift was some homemade cupcakes...can I say YUMMY!? The were the best cupcakes I have EVER eaten! I am so going to order some! Her friend makes them...YUM YUM YUM times like 10! The second gift was a cute little book mark...good thing cause I am going to read a book on my way to Vegas! Yay! The third gift is a huge bag that she made! It's awesome! Perfect for the beach (or pool!) The 4th gift was a cute purse her friend makes! I love it! Perfect for going out and not taking your huge one! The final gift is a cute apron! Perfect for unused jeans! I love the pockets!

Since Jen and I both live in the same city we decided to just hand deliver our gifts and save a little bit of money! Ya go us! Thanks again Jen! The gifts were AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course thank you to Angie and Beth for hosting the swap! I loved this swap!

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