Monday, July 28, 2008

Water Park Time!

So I had the 24th Of July off, what better way to enjoy a hot day? Go Swimming! There is a Aquatic center that's about a mile from my house so I had my friend Jen and her 2 kids, and Ammon the little boy I've been watching over the summer and my 2 rugrats head on over, Avery freaked out because he's at that ripe age of whimpness, LOL He's taking swimming lessons this Fall, Toby had a BLAST and and so did the rest of the kids, It's so funny because with Avery I have yet to buy suntan lotion for him but with Toby he was swimming in the stuff! OH how I would love to have Avery's beautiful tan skin!

Backyard Fun!

So my mom brought over a lil plastic pool for Avery to play in and I thought it would be fun to put Toby in it to see how he liked it, thinking he would freak out I didn't think we would be in for very long, boy was I wrong! He LOVED it! So I ended up sitting down, after about 15 mins of just standing and holding him, and played for about 40 mins in the pool naked! He had a blast!

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