Thursday, July 9, 2009

Victoria Secret Underwear Is Quite Divine!

No these are not pictures of my undies! I found them off the net....go go photobucket! Anyways my oh so special dog Molly thinks my undies are her all time favorite! She will go and hunt them down, in a huge pile of dirty/clean clothes and every time she will grab my vickies! I'm sorry but isn't that just strange? The funnier part is our other dog Betty goes with her and grabs socks instead, not Richards socks, my socks and only my socks?! So I always know if they got to my laundry pile because I will go downstairs and randomly find socks and vickies around my living room, awesome isn't it? Richard thinks its quite funny however I am not so thrilled.....Stupid dogs....

Mama's Shoes!

These pictures were taken back right before they left this last time (on Fathers Day) but I kept forgetting to post them! Lately Toby has been putting mine and Richards shoes on and walking around in them, he thinks it's awesome! I remember my brother would do it with my Mom's shoes around the same age of Toby. It's so much fun to watch them and see what silly things they do! As soon as he realized I had the camera out he got all smiley! I sure do love this little boy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th Of July Weekend!

Wow what a crazy weekend! And not a good crazy weekend! Bunch of random things happened and not was fun! Blah!

First Friday night we had Richard old Army buddy come over and we played games on the Wii...Gotta love Wii Bowling, that was quite fun, then all the sudden we saw a bunch of we went out side and saw that EVERY Roy city police officer, Riverdale police, Riverdale K-9 Unit, ambulance,fire trucks and CSI were all parked in front of our house! (No we didn't do anything!) Guess some people across the street from us (we live across the street from a mini apt complex) got in a fight with someone else and someone got hurt (not sure how) so there was ALOT of people there! They were there until almost 2am, just a tad bit crazy!

This isn't the best picture but this is all the police and what not across the street from us.

On Saturday at my Mom's house the neighbor kids were using fireworks around 11:30 AM and it freaked the dogs out, my parents were working in the yard and they always put the dogs in the garage when fireworks happen but they didn't think someone would use the so early in the day, the next thing my parents heard was my poor doggie crying and Terry ran to the back yard to find poor Hank hanging from the fence, he tried to jump the fence and didn't quite make it and ended up hurting himself REALLY bad! He has a huge hole in his stomach and ended up having sugery, my mom said the vets office was FULL and ended up waiting almost 9 hours before he was able to get back into sugery, alot of the animals there were there for the same reason poor Hank was, people not realizing how bad animals hate loud noises! So sad! Thankfully we put our dogs inside before anything bad happened to them.

This is poor Hank....He's is a better mood, he's got some serious pain killers!!

Richard and I had a run with the Roy City Police, the officer was in a pissy mood because he had to work on the 4th of July, and ended up making our 4th of July a crappy one! If you honestly want to know what happened email me but I am not in the mood to post it!

All in all it wasn't the best weekend but I am looking forward because this weekend I get my kids back! I can't be happier with that! I have missed my kids so much! I can't wait to see them again! I will go up to Idaho this Thursday to get them.
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