Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fancy Pictures For Mary!!!

I Got My Bridals Done On Tuesday (August 11) She posted a few of them on her blog, she did such a wonderful job, I CAN'T wait until I see the rest!!!!!!!! Here are the ones I have so far! And in case your wondering all these pictures were taken in my Mom's yard!

Also I wanted to post the blog of the WONDERFUL Keli who did these pictures!

As for the dress.....This is my orignal dress......That's a WHOLE new story!!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Well Isn't That A Deal!?!

I work for a Tax Software Company, they had a bunch of computers and monitors and a very few amount of laptops that were "out dated" and they were offering to sell them to us co workers at a discounted price! Since everyone wanted the laptops and there were only 8 of them to sell then did a raffle for them, you put your name on the list and then if your name was drawn for that laptop then you could buy it! So at 6:50 this morning (normally get to work at 8) I got to work put my name on the lists, along with like 35 other people and I won!! Woot!!! So I made a purchase of a used (but still good!) laptop for 40 dollars! Can't beat that! Today must have been my lucky day! Go Me!
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