Saturday, September 27, 2008

I found this picture of the boys & thought I'd share it. Such a cute picture! Toby had to have been about 2-3 weeks old.

We went to the doctors on Thursday for Avery & Toby's checkups. Avery is above the 95% for height at 44 1/2 inches tall & 44 lbs. If he keeps growing like this by the time he's 11 he will be taller than me, yes I know that isn't much but still an 11 year old who is taller than their mom? He as tall as an average 6 1/2 year old and he just turned 4 1/2! Clearly he got his dad's gene's for height (his dad is 6'7) Thank goodness! Toby on the other hand is still tall for his age as well. He's in the 75% for height at 30 inches tall & weighs 20 lbs. Richard is 6'1 so looks like I will have 2 tall boys!

Look At That Smile.......Tongue & All!

He Loves to splash in the tub but for some reason the video I have of him won't upload. Here are some pictures of him in the tub all smiles & tongue!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And Under Alll That Hair.....There He Is...Richard!!!

After being in the Army for 9 years Richard decided to grow his hair out and hasn't cut his hair since the first part of February but he finally got sick of his curly mess and cut it himself! Then since he has an interview today he decided to shave! (he doesn't do that very often either!) Needless to say Toby wasn't sure who he was at first! I sure do like it though!

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