Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 63

Decided to take a few pictures of the Monsters.......and this is what happened.......Cute picture and Toby has to show off his Tag......Not sure as to WHY but he's obessed with them lately! On his shirts, jackets, get the idea! Silly little boy!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 62

Remember the first picture? I took a picture of myself to show how "big" I have gotten (I know the truth I'm going to get MUCH bigger) Well I posted the picture and my friend Blake made a comment on how FUGLY my IPhone case was. He works for IFrogz that sells cases and accessories for IPhones and IPads. He sent me a link to the website and I found one that I liked and OF COURSE they were out of stock of that one! Curses! Well few weeks later his BFF Lisa sent me an email saying she sent my case with Bryan (the husband, whom I work with) I was like case? What case? Blake gave me a case, cause he's so awesome! That or he hated my case that much! Either or I was really touched that he thought of me enough to give me one! He's the regional sales manager (fancy I know). Thanks again Blake, I love it! I will buy one again, I Heart mine already! Check out the website they are awesome cases!

Friday Confessionals


I Confess..................

I am annoyed I forgot WWTK again! Seriously! I set up a reminder for next week.

I Confess................

I forgot to go yesterday and order a Dumpster for the Month of April! Holy Crap, are you kidding me!?!? Ya pretty much mad at myself! The next time I can order one is April 2nd. That's a Monday.....Grrr...........I might have to go in late that day so I can order the stupid thing! That or just take the day off.......I am liking that idea better! Maybe it's not a bad thing I forgot to order it? Hummmmmmmmmm

I Confess...............

I snapped at the husband last night, and I feel bad. Mistakes happen and he by accident left the lights on in the car and so when he went to go get in the car last night the battery was dead. So when he was calling me at 8pm letting me know this I was annoyed because I was putting the cranky children to bed and now I had to pack them in the car and go rescue said husband. I wasn't the nicest person, ok I was down right RUDE and when we got there I apologized, like 5 times. I felt like an ass........

I Confess...................

The husband has put in a lot of OT hours this week. Like on Wednesday he left for work at 7 AM (2 hours earlier than normal) and he didn't get home until 10PM and then he had paperwork to do until 11pm and then last night he went to work at normal time and worked until 8pm (2 hours over) and then put in another hour of MORE paperwork.......the best part? He's salary! And then found out they are hiring another salesman when they need to hire a driver? Ya......less than pleased about that.........I'm calling the Card on that one! Grrrrrrr The only saving grace is the Boss said he would pay him the OT hours he worked this week. I just know said Husband is burned out big time.

I Confess..................

I am almost 6 months preggers! 23 weeks is AKA 6 months Pregnant! Yay! Something about being 6 months makes me sound so far along when I know I have so much more to go! I want week 30 to come more than life itself! Week 30 is the downhill point for me plus it also marks the last week of Tax Season! Yay!!!!! Hurry up and get here week 30!

I Confess..................

We did something really really REALLY stupid last night and didn't realize we did it until 4:15 this morning. Man alive I feel UBER stupid! After we got back from jump starting the Jetta last night Richard decided to leave it for a few minutes running to charge the battery.........guess what we didn't do? Ummmmm yeah..........we left it running for like 8 hours!?! WTH!?! I pretty much FREAKED out when I went to start the van and clean off the snow. I ran (more like waddled) back in the house and informed the husband. He jumped up and ran out to take care of the issue. He then cleaned off the windows of both cars.....awwww I know but I feel like a total idiot at this moment........seriously.............Thankfully it was blocked or we could have totally had the car stolen last

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 61

As of late Evan's newest thing to do is opening up the DVD cases and pulling the DVD's out. Ya I was NOT a fan of his newest hobby at ALL. So I decided to look for DVD/CD cases. The prices for those are just plain STUPID! 35 plus bucks for one! Are you kidding me? So Thank you Amazon for selling me one for 18.99! Even with shipping it was less than 25 bucks! WOOT! And it holds 255 CD/DVD's! Yay! I put all of my DVD's in the today and quickly realized something.......what in the bloody hell am I going to do with the cases? I threw them in some garbage sacks and threw them in the garage until I can figure out what I will do with them. The 2nd picture is Evan passed out waiting for Jana's kids to get out of school. I pick them up on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He was super happy to have his blanket back. We left it at my friend Cami's. Him and Toby both have a treasured blanket. Funny thing is, Evan will try and take Toby's all the time just because he likes to hear Toby scream, me on the other hand, not a huge fan, ahhhhhh yes Children are such joys!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 60

I found this at the Quilted Bear. Yeah I pretty much LOVE this sign! It's so VERY true. Now I just gotta find a place in my house to put it..........I am thinking the "Empty" wall in the boy's room! Just gotta convince myself to get it now...DONE! I don't know why I didn't buy it today, oh well guess I need to go back to the Mall and get it, along with some See's Chocolates and a Pretzels bite, YUM!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 59

My Mom works with a Dr. Dr Sue Agres that is. She specializes in Feet. Yay FEET! Anyways back in June of last year she had castings made of Avery's feet for orthopedics. He has flat feet, with almost NO arch. These allow him to walk better. So we got him a nice pair of shoes and he wears them everyday. Well a few weeks ago Sue looked at Avery's feet and realized he needed new ones and he needed new shoes too! So I kept him from school today and we went to Dr Sue's office and got him new castings. She did some for Toby as well, so he felt included. Poor Evan still isn't feeling all that great so Grandma held him during the visit.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 58

My Mr. Cranky Pants. I had to leave work early today, mix of up sitters is the short version. Made me realize I just need to be home with my babies instead of trying to find someone to watch them. Only a few more weeks left and I will be home with them again! At first I was frustrated that I had to go home, it cost me 50 bucks in a bonus, but once I got home I quickly realized I was so happy to be there. Evan is teething and being SUPER DUPER cranky and was whiny all dang day. I would felt horrible if someone had to watch him. He's in PJ's because just as I was about to put him down for his nap (that was not long enough) he spilled something on him so I decided to just throw him in Pj's instead of new clothes, besides these are the super soft ones and who doesn't want to be in Pj's when you feel crappy? I know I do! Poor kiddo.......It's hard to tell put his mouth is full of drool, he would just sit there and let it pool in his mouth and then we would have to make him spit it out........silly boy........

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 57

Today was the first day in since Christmas that I was able to sleep in past 7 am! Seriously it was awesome! I got up fed the kids, hubby and myself (fed meaning a bowl of cereal) and then I jumped (ok more like rolled) back into bed and I pretty much stayed here until noon ish? Yeah it's been an awesome day! I found these pictures of cute hubby and decided to post. I love the first picture he has such a wonderful smile, just don't mind what else he is doing in the picture! Ahhhh men........they never really grow up do they?

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