Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 58

My Mr. Cranky Pants. I had to leave work early today, mix of up sitters is the short version. Made me realize I just need to be home with my babies instead of trying to find someone to watch them. Only a few more weeks left and I will be home with them again! At first I was frustrated that I had to go home, it cost me 50 bucks in a bonus, but once I got home I quickly realized I was so happy to be there. Evan is teething and being SUPER DUPER cranky and was whiny all dang day. I would felt horrible if someone had to watch him. He's in PJ's because just as I was about to put him down for his nap (that was not long enough) he spilled something on him so I decided to just throw him in Pj's instead of new clothes, besides these are the super soft ones and who doesn't want to be in Pj's when you feel crappy? I know I do! Poor kiddo.......It's hard to tell put his mouth is full of drool, he would just sit there and let it pool in his mouth and then we would have to make him spit it out........silly boy........

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